Sunday, October 13, 2013


Hey everyone!

I am so happy right now omg, n lvl is finally over and I can't wait for uss halloween night 3?!?! But the sad thing is that I am going to start working on Wednesday but who cares I am gonna get my pay by the end of the month. This means MORE CLOTHES, a new camera and ring light!!! SO HAPPPYYYYYY!

It feels weird to not have school anymore, a part of me feels happy that I finally graduated from that miserable place but another part of me feels sad to leave that miserable place which also brought me some joy... Gonna miss some of my really good friends that have been through ups and downs with me, especially my classmates. The bond that we had, all the laughter and fights, damnnnnnn I am gonna miss 4N1 so badly! I also can't wait to our next class outing, we're going to adventure cove, most probably!

Ok, moving on...

Jeslin and Trexie took this pictures and set it as my home screen wallpaper HAHAHA

Joey <3


Studied with Saz and co. 

Iskandar's treat!!!

Half of our class had Artease before our geog paper

OL Chiffon Dress

Always love the new items that shopmiyage brings in, looking forward to receiving the items that I chose hehe!

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shopmiyage is also nice enough to give me this nail polish from etude house, so pretty and pink, AND CUTE!


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I can't wait for my trip to korea during chinese new year too!! Alright, good bye, till next time ;) x