Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Feel Of Love

Hello everyone! Omg I haven't blogged in 8 freaking days!?!? Missed this space so badly. So I finally started to work and my first day of work was meh... My feet was aching damn badly at the end of the day, but I really like my colleagues there, they're all super friendly and nice hahaha especially my supervisor!!! Other than work, I am still stressing out about my project in school hahaha hoping that everything will be over very very soon man.
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Went to meet my fav girls last last Friday, sadly... Trex couldn't join us because she needed to study for her exams :( Hehehe had dinner at scape!!
We just walked around, nothing much but it feels super good to catch up with all of them <3

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Breakfast with the boyfriend!!! <3

We talked, a lot... and also watched Into The Storm and I loved it, you guys should go watch it!! Hahaha there were a lot more silly photos but I don't wanna bore you guys with all the picture spam.

Last thurs, we decided to go to lau pa sat to have lunch after school. Talking about food, I'm craving for their hokkien mee again hahahaha.
Dinner at Gracia's mom place again!

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That's all for today's update everyone! Hahaha I did not put in 100% of my effort for this post so I'm really sorry if I really bore the hell out of you :( Oh and I am so addicted to Once Upon A Time, gonna watch one episode before I head to bed! Good night everybody <3