Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Deep End

Hello everybody! How is everyone? :) I realize that I haven't been updating as often anymore but I'm trying. I just can't wait for my september holidays to come. Just can't wait for my mini project to be over man. We only need to find an actor but we still don't have one yet, other than that everything is fine. Once my project is over, I'll try to update my blog everyday. Can't wait!! Hahaha oh God, I am so annoyed right now, after knowing someone for quite some time, she finally showed her true colours and she actually isn't that good of a friend. The older I get, the more I want all the fake friends out of my life. And I am glad that I am pushing away those people, BEST FEELING EVER! Okay anyway, I am so addicted to Once Upon A Time right now, I can't even.... If you're a big fan of fairytale stories or, you don't have any more shows to watch, go watch it!!!
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Went to meet my babygirls and I finally got to catch up with them last last friday, feels so good to have all 5 of us again, we didn't care about all the judgmental stares when we were laughing & talking away about our past, we were in our zone man!!! Hahaha <3
My fav, have been craving for this from ajisen!

Cass left after dinner and we went to smoothie king after that so there were no place to charge our phone at all so we just had to ask some random strangers if they were using the socket to charge or anything, and when they left, me and lala were tots bimbos okay, we stood up and ran to the seat and mumbled "omg faster faster faster" HAHAHAHA.

On the next Saturday, we went to Siti's house for her open house, Jobie and Gracia came to my house first before we head to my house bus stop to meet the rest. I shall just let the pictures do the talking.

We also planned to surprise Syarafina for her birthday yay and she was very happy!
I love my bimbos <3

We just ate, chilled, played with her hamster, played with fire cracker and went home hehehe it was an enjoyable day!!

At work :((((((((


Went to meet my momma after school and finally got my lightning cable, she also got a threadmill HAHAHA had dinner at ajisen with her after that and we catched up, it has been so long since I went out with her :(

Churros with gracia!!!

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Met up with my bbys again last friday hahaha you guys should know that by now, every friday, I would meet up with them hehe. Sadly, Joe didn't come hahah either she's studying or she's too lazy but I wanna thank her for suggesting this idea to meet every friday and make it our day to catch up and everything. So blessed and grateful to have them by my side <3

Yayyyy had sushi for dinner, my love for sushi will never die.
Yeah, I just watched once upon a time while cass and jes studied. Trex was designing this notebook which was gahhhh so tumblr and nice!! She may be selling it so I'll put up the pictures of the notebooks if she is planning to. Hehehe why are all my bbys so talented?!?!

Alright, that's all for today. I'll update soon again, hopefully. Thank you all for reading, good night <3