Friday, August 8, 2014

What A Stressful Week

Hello everyone! I know i know... I mentioned on twitter that I was suppose to blog yesterday but I was really tired and I went to bed so I only uploaded pictures to this post :( Have been dealing with a lot of stress lately + all the shit that I've been going through + the cramps & the time of the month, I totally broke down in class the other day cause I felt like shit and I just needed to let everything out.. I have never felt that way in my entire life and it sucks, I'm all better now so yay, everything will be fine for me, I hope! Fingers crossed that everything will be better! Sorry that I have nothing much to talk about these few days because my life is so boring, thanks to school! I will start to work soon and I won't have anytime to spend with my bf anymore because we're both super busy :(
Top sponsored by @mogustash <3

Went to meet trex to study, did nothing much actually. Jeslin came awhile after.

We decided to have dinner and xin wang hong kong cafe! The porridge is damn goooood omg!

4fingers at JEM with my boyf, his mom and cousin! It was our anniversary on that day too hehehe <3
He sent me home and we decided to take a cab because we were both tired. Gave him a super big and tight hug before he left, ahhhhhh I love hugs!!!

Pictures taken in school with my favs <3 There are more pictures but I look like crap in all of it :( That's all for today's update! Ahhh, another short post but I'll update again soon. Am gonna go to sleep now. good night. Thank you for reading and being so patient with me <3