Monday, August 4, 2014


Hello everyone!!! Hahaha so... yesterday was our anniversary, 3 years 5 months <3 I am gonna talk about how we met and got together again. Nothing special actually but it is kinda interesting and there were a lot of troubles too but I won't be mentioning all of that HAHA.

We noticed each other & know each other's existence at around september-october when we were in secondary one, didn't talk or anything(in real life) cause it will be super awkward but we talked before... ON FACEBOOK HAHAHA. And slowly we got to know each other a little bit more and when we see each other in school, we'll just awkwardly smile at each other then walk away hahaha. OK SO THIS GUY CALLED ME(it was already January 2011)..... And told me that he was a sec5 student in my school.

The phone call was super awkward and then he asked me to search him up on facebook and that his name is Damien Lim then my reaction was like "whutttttt, but you're sec2 what" and he said that he was just kidding about his age blah blah so I didn't really think that much but the next day I was being suspicious when I walked pass Damien in school because he didn't say hi or anything!!! I wanted to ask him if it was him in the first place but I just told him to call me AGAIN cause I wanted to make sure if the person was him or not(he sounded kinda different too, HAHA and he got my number from my friend) and yeah, we talked and we found out that the guy who called me was actually a poser. 

All our friends helped us to find out who the guy was but we didn't find out who it is in the end so whatever hahaha. After hanging out for awhile, we became closer. He even cabbed all the way down to bukit batok(I was staying over at my relative's during cny), it was kind of awkward at first but after awhile we started to have heart to heart talk and that was when we both had mixed feelings about how we felt about each other(we were unsure about how we felt tho). There are more things that he did for me but I don't think my bf feels comfortable if I share it over here so I'll just keep it to myself hehe.

2 months later, he popped the question but I let him waited for 1 week and I remember that I whispered into his ears about the news and he was so happy he grabbed my hand and just hold on to it tightly. Hehehe!

So yeah, this is how we met/got together. WEIRD AND FUNNY RIGHT? I can never forget about it. HAHAHAHA. Look at us now :'))))))
Hi baby, I know that you're reading this. Hahaha look, we've made it this far now. I am always gonna repeat the same thing over and over again but you already know how much I love and care for you so there's no need to be all lovey dovey over here, cause I have already sent you what I wanted to tell you. Hehehe anyway, hope that you liked the video the I made for us. I love you, see you soon xoxo <3

That's all for today everyone! Hope that I didn't bore you to death with my story hahahah have a great day ahead!!