Monday, August 11, 2014

Gold Braid

Hello everyone! I am kinda stressed out??? Hahaha I may not show it through my actions or whatsoever but being a producer, is no joke. So glad that I have my team with me, helping me with so many things. We all know how hard it is to meet our lecture's expectation lol. I just hope that everything goes well, can't wait for everything to end during september! I'm sorry y'guys, have to bore you with all my updates about my project hahaha. I'll just let the pictures do the talking again ;)
The food at gracia's mom place is sooooooo good!

We just chilled and watched movie until 9+ for the rest of the day.

Another day spent with my favs, Gracia and Jobie <333 Hahaha I love my thursdays and fridays because I get so spend time with the 2 of them on thurs and I'll get to spend time with my fav bbys, jes, trex, cass and joe on friday hehehe. Always looking forward to these two days!
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Hi bby, I know that right now you're at your worst because you just lost someone you really love but you gotta stay strong alright. All 4 of us will be with you till the very end of the day. I'll always be right by your side, listening to you rant. You're my happy pill and it's heartbreaking to see you this upset. Everything will be okay... not for now but it will soon! Your bf is here for you too, everyone is here for you alright. I will meet you real soon to cheer you up and make you happy <3 I love you xoxo.

That's all for today's update! I really can't wait for september holidays and end of year too hehehe the sunway lagoon trip is confirmed!! I'm so happy cause I can ride the roller coaster. I'll update soon again, have a great day ahead everyone! <3