Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Oh Sigh, September

Hello everyone hahaha sorry for not updating, so on the very first day of september, BAD THINGS HAPPENED TO ME AND I WAS SO UNLUCKY... Got my izzi slim phone case(thank you jenn im hehehe) and I didn't enter the discount code so I had to pay USD150 :((( I remembered clearly that I typed it in but I guess it was just my unlucky day... After that happened, my macbook dropped on the floor from my chair, and my screen cracked... Went to changi city point's a.lab straight away during my lunch break for repair and the amount I had to pay was $800....... HAHA yeah, so that was the start of my week and it sucked!!!

White pocket slit cut top sponsored by @shopbylove, quote 'vanessateo' to get $1 off total purchase.

Last monday was Gracia's birthday and we planned a surprise for her and it was a success I guess hehehe made her a scrapbook and bought her twelve cupcake cause she said that she wanted it... I was late for a little while and I asked them to ask her to do her vp2 work HAHAHA but after everyone came to meet me, then Danial covered her eyes and they walked over to us hehehe sang her the birthday song then we started to smash cake at each other's face, I'm really glad that it made her happier cause she wasn't in a very good mood in the morning.
HAHAHHHAHA I look super unglam over here.

Lunch with my fav bitch last tues(we ponned school because Jobie needed to go see the doctor and the both of us didn't go too cause we were too lazy). We had lunch at Mad Jack and something funny happened, was trying to get some mayo on my plate and when I squeezed the bottle, it didn't want to come out so I squeezed the bottle harder and the cover came out and I think I poured half of the bottle onto my plate hahaha we had a good laugh...

HAHAHAHA prepare for the spam!!!
Gracia: *press the button to take a photo*
Me: "Eh never wait for me"
*sticks out my hand*
"No matter what I still have to be in the picture even though it's just my hand"


Hi bimbo, I know that you're reading this and you're expecting your face to appear in this post HAHAHA bhb sia you. Anyway, I love you and thank you for coming into my life biatch. I know that you're not at your best now but you have me to cheer you up everyday. You deserve better and you deserve to be happier. You know that I'll always be here for you right, Jobie will be there for you too. Stubborn girl, don't hurt yourself anymore alright. Remember to read/look at the scrapbook that I made for you when you're feeling down ;) HAHA. I love you with all my heart okay bye see you tomorrow <3

Thank you for reading everyone hahaha I'll update again when I get my laptop back. Have a great week ahead. Toodles!!