Friday, May 16, 2014

Mixed feelings

Hello everyone! It's been a few days since I last blogged. I'm so sorry for not updating that often anymore. My laptop died on me. I think it's time to say goodbye to it and say hello to a new one. :'( thank God for my school's computer so I could transfer all the pictures on my phone to blogger. I am feeling super lucky and grateful now because my mom just got me a new MacBook, and I feel super bad cause I don't want her to spend so much on me... Am gonna pay her back when I work during the holidays! Can't wait to get my hands on it!! And yay, pewds uploaded the walking dead episode 3! Finally!
Dress is from @mightygirls (advert will be up soon)

Went to nex and catch a movie with my fav boy last Saturday <3

So on Mother's Day, I went to meet Trexie and Jeslin in the afternoon before spending the night with my dearest mommy. We got the materials for our cards & got the mother's day present. Left at around 7 to meet my mom and we went to eat dinner. Then we went to watch "filial party", at the end of the movie, my mom said that she would rather watch spider man but whatever :p
HAHAHAHA we took lots of pictures!!!!

On Monday, school ended earlier. Me and some of my classmates went to bukit timah railway track to take pictures for our project!!! All of us decided to go to the same place HAHAHA. It was freaking hot omg, and we climb up this small little hill, it was so dangerous cause I almost fell. But a very fun experience!! :))
Shortly after that, we went to bukit timah nature reserve to take pictures too, the sky started to get darker and we went home after that!

The following day, which was a public holiday, went to meet Gracia at nex so that she could bring all of us over to her house. Had breakfast then we walked to her house, the weather was not on our side :((((

Gracia has 5 dogs & 1 cat OMGG all of them are super cute!!!!! Argh

Played jenga & kinect (my arms are aching after playing a hardcore game on the kinect HAHAHA)
My fav dog HEHEHEH it's gracia's dog!!

Gracia also did my nails hahaha.

Went to punggol waterway at around 5 for our shoot again and the place is so relaxing!!!
We stayed there till 8 for our night shot cause we wanted to capture the stars, then we had dinner and Popeyes & finally headed home after such a long, tiring & sweaty day!!!


Some of the photos that Gracia took for me while we were taking photos for our project hahaha 
Here's some cute pictures of gracia's dog to cheer you up/make your day or night hehehe. Thank you for reading, I'll update real soon when I get my MacBook HEHEHEH <3