Tuesday, May 27, 2014

I have missed you...

Hiiiii everyone!!! Can't believe that I haven't been blogging for a week. Have been way too busy with my project, youtube fanfest & stalking troyler HAHAHA. I am finally done with my photography project and can finally print it out today! Can't wait to see how it'll look like when I print it out. Can't wait to blog about what happened last week. Okay okay... So last tuesday, we went to chinese garden and labrador park to shoot for our project. Went to Gracia's house in the morning then we waited for Danial to come then we headed to jurong point for lunch.

After taking pictures at Chinese Garden, we met up with the rest and headed to Labrador Park.

I was sweating like mad and we have to walk to the end. The guys left us at the back, HAHAH it always happens. Felt so good after walking such a long distance cause the view was quite breathtaking and the place was windy too.
Me being super happy ft. Jobie at the back HAHAHHA

We stayed there till around 8+ and managed to get out of the place cause we were too lazy to walk back all the way to the front exit. We walked pass reflections, keppel bay(if i'm not wrong) and that place really opened up my eyes. I always see this building from Sentosa but have no idea what place that is, I thought that it was some other island or something HAHAHA. Looking from outside, the place look so spacious and big. Would love to go in and explore if I can get the chance to hahaha.
Here's our group photo HAHAHA Faiz's photo editing sucks!!!

Some of the photos taken at Chinese Garden & Labrador Park.
Alright okay bye!!! Will update tomorrow again & adverts will be up very soon ;) See you guys soon again <3