Saturday, May 17, 2014

Sweet Ophelia

Hello everyone! I'm back again and this time I am blogging with my macbook! Yayyyy thank you mummy <3 Okay, so on Friday, Cass asked us to go to tp for this ccn thing. Waited for Trex and Jeslin to arrive at my stop then I got on the same train as them. After we reached tp, Cass came to meet us and then we went to meet Effie and took pictures at the ootd wall HAHAHA. Oh and here's a new video that I uploaded! Enjoy xoxo :)

My outfit of the day, off shoulder top from

She look so tiny beside me omg hahaha!

Effie <3

With my girls hehehe <3 Joey is not in the picture because she's too lazy to come with us but she met us for dinner instead :) Headed to town after that and we just walked around to waste time and wait for Joey. Then we went to queue for sushi hehehe

Trex and Jes started laughing like crazy bitches and the rest of us were just like "what's so funny?"

Decided to take neoprint since all of us are out together, like finally omg!!
That's it for today! Will blog tomorrow again, hope that you've enjoyed my new video, give it a thumbs up!! :) Good night <3