Friday, May 9, 2014

I love Friday(s) | Advert: lilacpartyx

Hello everyone! I know that I haven't been updating that often anymore. There are just so many things to do and I have a upcoming project for my photography class :( Wished that everything wasn't so rushed and I can at least relax for abit. I should just continue with my update...

When I was on my way back home after school, Jenn tweeted a last min meet and greet tweet. I was freaking out and my heart was racingggg! Went home to change and cabbed there with Ashley. The meet and greet was at Rochester Mall, and I didn't even heard of that place until she mentioned about it so thank you so much Jenn <3 When we got there, the queue was super long. It was longer than what we expected cause a lot of people said that they couldn't turn up for the meet and greet. We couldn't see anything but when Jenn arrived, the people in front screamed. I was freaking out!!! I was talking to Jewel and she helped me a little with the queuing BUT... When I was just about to meet her, the security chased her out of the place cause they said that she needed permit... :( I was devastated, but I wasn't giving up yet. I quickly ran after her, so many people were crowding around her!! And I managed to get 3 selfies with her, I TOUCHED HER HAND GUYS!!! AND SHE KINDA GRABBED MY HAND FOR A FEW SECONDS(softly of course) WHEN I WAS OPENING UP MY CAMERA BESIDE HER!!! *fangirling mode on* :) Even tho the picture itself is very blur but I am still happy. I guess I wasn't lucky this time round and couldn't meet her. :( really wanted to pass her the gifts that I got for her but it was too late...
(picture credit to Ashley)

After the meet and greet, I went to meet Jeslin and Cass <3 I was super happy and sad at the same time so I decided to have dessert to make myself feel better.
My ootd for Friday!

Anddd this is my breakfast today!! mmmMmmmmm
I rushed down to the airport to send Jenn off but I was late by just a few minutes :( I was shaking and tired from all the running from the mrt to terminal 3... Thanks to the train which took super long to arrive.... WHY AM I SO UNLUCKY!!! I felt like crying but I was still happy cause I got to take a picture with her!!! Thank you Jenn for being my inspiration for so many years <3 Thank you for also holding the meet and greet. I feel so happy for everyone who met her and get to take a proper photo with her!! Bet that you're on the plane back to San Fran so... Have a safe flight back home & rest more cause you haven't had enough sleep(even tho she won't read this but I'm still typing it). I love you Jenn <3

After leaving the airport, I went to meet Cass and Trex!!! Hehe and I got a new shoe from styledasher and a crop top from h&m yayyyy! Making myself happy by shopping hahaha. I'll just let the pictures do the talking!!!

Alright, time for an advert hehehe!!!


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Alright, that's all for today everyone! Thank you for reading, I'll update as soon as possible again and also, with a upcoming video diary!! :)) See you all soon <3