Monday, October 29, 2012


I bet all of you have been in love with someone right? So... I am gonna talk about relationships/personal life/anything that is typed out below... (this is another impromptu post again)

We all know love hurts and it can be a bitch in your face sometimes. 


I have got to say it is the text-ing part!!!

Waiting for a text from the person you love the most, it just sucks... Meh! 

For the girls:
When your boyfriend don't reply your texts for 5-10 minutes... Well, it is okay, right? But once it exceeds that time, you will get mad, paranoid, insecure and thoughts starts to roll in your mind like a movie. Those "thoughts" might end up to 1) Quarreling 2) "ARE YOU WITH OTHER GIRLS!?" and 3) I know I am not good enough and I understand that you don't want to waste your time talking to me, I get it, it's okay... (so not okay hahaha) (I bet all the girls are like that, cause all of us are usually paranoid 24/7)

Problem with girls is that we tend to say "Nah, never mind, it's okay, I get it, you're busy..." when what we exactly feel is.... "SCREW YOU WHY DIDN'T YOU REPLY MY TEXT, DO YOU KNOW THAT I AM SO DAMN FREAKING WORRIED FOR YOU!? CAN'T YOU AT LEAST REPLY A 'OKAY' !?"

Yes, I don't really get myself too.

For the guys:
There are 2 types of boyfriend...

1) "I care that you didn't reply my texts" type:
Usually, the minute when your girlfriend replies to your text, and you will be like "Hey, why did you take such a long time to reply me?" And your girlfriend would say something like that "I'm sorry baby, I was busy with something." and that, goes on and on and on. (I do agree that guys are sometimes quite competitive in arguing...)

That kind of boyfriend usually annoys me but I find it kinda sweet compared to the type of boyfriend below. So guys, it is better for you to care and not be so unreasonable at the same time IF you are arguing with her on why she didn't immediately reply you text the moment she saw it. ;-)

2) "Meh, I don't really care if you didn't reply my text" type:
Hmmm they obviously do nothing about his girlfriend replying his text after 5/6/7/8 hours! So, I got nothing much to say about this type of boyfriend but I suggest you to not get one because your girlfriend will get mad if you don't care about her.

I am not so sure about the guys so, correct me if I am wrong. :-)

I bet this happens to everyone of us before!!! It may be your girlfriend, your crush or anyone...

And sometimes, waiting may lead to this...

But all we need is just a little something from the ones we love, a good night/good morning text...

Another problem that most relationship has is trust issues...

Lies that are made:
 The word trust, is a very big word. Some of us tend to screw up and lie.... What sucks the most? Is when the person you lied to found out that you lied to him/her. Some people might just forgive but not forget and some just break down into pieces and making themselves suffer for choosing the harsh decision of..... breaking up.....

Everyone flirts right? And some people who are in a relationship might end up being jealous and slowly, they don't even trust their own partners. I must say that it is very awful to see someone you love flirting with another good-looking and better girl/guy or the other way round. And *BAM* thoughts start to appear in our mind again and leading to lots of scenes that are impossible to happen but it was all our wishful thinking that made us so paranoid. 

Once you lost someone's trust, it is very hard to gain. So you better make sure you don't lie to the ones you love, a lie that is good or bad, it is still a lie.

God, obviously we all hate ending a relationship or walking away from someone you love. That feeling sucks but sometimes you just have to walk away, so that you won't get hurt more and leave more scars in your memories...

Breaking up, is a very terrible thing for me. I am not so sure about what others think of it but that feeling, is obviously awful. It is losing someone you love the most just in one day, and every other day, you are just being emotional, it's like being fucked mentally all over again everyday. 

I have seen all kinds of people after a break up... The people who are happy that they are a free bird now and is out of the cage & the people who are desperately wanting the person back or crying their heart out every single day about it.

It pains me to see the people crying... I can't imagine me myself, losing someone I love the most... Oh yeah, I already did... Someone who gave me a life, someone who raise me up but died... 

I hate seeing fake smiles....

Last but not the least, a message to all my haters out there. I LOVE YOU XOXO!

You may think that I actually give a fuck about what you say and think that you will make me end up at the state of being nowhere? OHHHHH NOOOOOO!!! You are so damn freaking wrong. 

Let me tell you something, if you don't like me, jolly well screw off then.

It's funny how you hate on me, but still follow me on twitter!!!

I take the pictures the way I want, I talk the way I like, I walk the way I want to, I wear the clothes that I love and who are you to judge me and say that I have no rights to do that? Who are you? My mother? HELL NO. 

The way I take pictures, talk, walk or dress up affects you? Then it's just too bad cause it is your problem. You can not follow me. But the next time, if you want to send hate messages to me on formspring or anywhere, don't do it anonymously. :-)

I suggest you to show yourself cause I really want to know who my haters are and  I wanna thank all of you, for making me so strong up till now. Your words made me strong.


And to some people out there,

I seriously can't stand you people who hate on people just cause your friends don't like them. If you are one of those people please just leave them alone, they didn't do anything to you. Don't expect us to be the ideal person you want us to be.

 Everybody makes mistakes, even you make mistakes too. Not everyone in this world live to please you. So just stop acting like a child and stop hating on someone for no reason. If you're just gonna sit there and send hate to people, telling them that they are ugly, is not gonna make you any prettier. Telling them that they are dumb, is not gonna make you any smarter. Telling them that they are fat, is not gonna make you any skinnier. 

So just leave them alone and I am sure that you are not worth any of our time. 

If you don't have the balls to say it in our face then you better stop sending hate at anywhere anonymously. Wonder why do haters like you stoop so low. By doing all of that, it just shows that you are jealous cause we are better than you. ;-)

I am not giving any fucks about you haters so.....


I also wanna thank all my supporters who have tweet to me and asking me to stay strong and cheer up. You people rock! Love ya xoxo!