Tuesday, November 6, 2012



Back for an update!!! This post will probably be very long due to the number of pictures but bear with me alright! Xoxo

But firstly,
One of my friend is selling this: Nikon J1

Here are some details:
Nikon J1 + 10-30mm lens
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Because there's too much to update about, I will just update about the things that happened on November 3rd onwards, and the others will be on the next upcoming post. ;-) I don't want to bore all of you to death!!!

3rd November
Early in the morning at 7+ I went to meet Ariel, Adriana and Rachael at NEX's MacDonald's for breakfast, but sadly, I was super late, andddd I didn't get to eat :-(... What's worst? OH HO HO HO, we were gonna do our cip thingy on that day, to go to one of the old folk's home at Macpherson to clean up, the house right in front of Macpherson Secondary School. Mr Koh arranged us in teams, I was with Adriana and Jared. 

Our block was pretty far away from the place that the bus dropped us off but who cares hahaha. Anyway, we were doing the cip with Temasek Poly Students.

Hahaha yeah, I don't want to talk about the cleaning up part... I don't do any housework and IT WAS TIRING AS HELL when I first did... Now I know how those people who clean up their own house feels like..... OMG... I am very grateful of the environment that I am living in now.

Basically, the first thing we did at the house was catching that small baby hamster. The owner, a indian lady, accidentally dropped her hamster cage and yeah, the hamster ran out... That hamster is a very fast runner. I was catching cause I was small but I can't cause the hamster was too small and fast. Jared almost caught it but it bit him haahahha okay...

Sorry, my hair was in a mess because I anyhow tied it...

After we are done with cleaning up the house, we called ariel and went to meet them at the esso, there was cheers(idk if it is cheers or not, I forgotten) and we had our lunch there.

Er and ya, this girl from Temasek Poly asked Adriana if my name was Vanessa... Okay, hahah awkward...

We ate cup noodles but I was too hungry so I didn't snap a picture....

Ariel edited this!!!

Elfian HAHAHAHAHAHHA they were blowing the latex gloves into like balloon then Elfian did this hahaha

After we reached school, Rach and the rest went to TPY for creamier, omg I WANTTTT but I went to meet boyfriend cause it was our 1 year 8 months anniversary hehe. ;-)

Met him at Serangoon MRT then we headed to Buona Vista, then we went to this mall called The Star Vista, there was absolutely NOTHING to look at, no clothing store at all, FOOD FOOD AND MORE FOOD HAHAHA. Then later me and boyfriend found out that New Creation Church raised money to build that mall...

We were both very tired lor... He went for this POA amazing race...  

This boy ah, he say that my bag was somehow like a pillow so this is what he did, lie on my bag and sleep hahaha

At his house

Basically we did nothing, cause he was tired as hell. He was sleeping all the way while I sit on the floor, charge my phone and staring into my phone like a idiot. :-( But this boy he promised to go out on another day, hehe.

So he send me to the bus stop to flag a cab and I went home...

4th November

So, I went all the way to Boon Lay to look for baby. And then he didn't told me to wear nicely to I just wore a spag top and shorts and a jacket. I didn't know we were going to vivo with his mum so in the end we went to Jurong Point. Hahaha and he already wore till very nice but in the end he changed.

This silly boy was sick but he still want to go out with me awww, and I had really bad headache, so both of us were really tired... While we were waiting for his mum he just whine about how tired he is then wants me to cuddle with him on the bed, aw silly boy!!!

His mum went to bathe and we waited for her and went to Swensen's to have early dinner.

My chicken baked rice

Look at what he send me when I got home, hehe awww. ;-)

5th November

Met Adriana and Rachael at Kovan and took a bus over to Ariel's house.

Ariel cooked baked rice for us

We went down to the mama shop to buy ice cream

Then slacked at the playground/idk? fitness corner? hahaha 


Went back to Ariel's house to enjoy the aircon and it's manicure session

Ariel's hand

Me and Adriana were having headaches

Hehe my nails, Ariel did it

Played Monopoly while blasting songs and singing it out loud HA HA HA



A lot of funny things happened, you'll know if you follow me on twitter but I am too lazy to say it all. hehe

Went down with Ariel to fetch her siblings cause we are heading back home too...

With Adelia!!! 

With Ansel


Took a bus to NEX to get Starbucks!!!

On the bus! 

The view from my house is so nice right!!!

That's it for now. Will update soon again, maybe tomorrow? Or on thursday/friday!! Stay tune xx