Saturday, October 20, 2012

Here I Am

End Of Year Examinations are finally over!!! I am happy and kinda disappointed in my Geography and Science... Sigh... Still not sure if I am gonna be promoted or not, but I wish for the best. And eoy takes up more percentage so I guess I will promote for sure... But... It is really sad to hear that some of my friends are either dropping to NA or retaining. DAMN!!!

Don't wanna talk about results first... I shall wait until the day that my teacher announce whether I got promoted to 4NA or not.... AHHH SO DAMN SCARED although I still have a very high chance of promoting!!!

Isn't this cute!?!

Damn, I need to trim my brows...

After my paper, went to parkway with Liyi and SiJie to find Liyi's mom and the rest...

Jeann's hair!!!

Then we went Sushi Express to eat!

106 plates all together, 98 green and 8 pink. $180.08 in total...

Then we walked around...


One of my classmate wrote this on the board because it's the last day of eoy examinations!!!

Breakfast with Ariel, Rachael and Adriana!

Went to popular and all this books are the must buy!!! 

Nina Dobrev!! <3

Demi <3

We went to the library after that to sit down and waste time to wait for party world ktv to open... Then we saw Jeslin, Joey, Shaozheng and Zhenjie. They asked us if we wanna play catching in the library so yeah we did. But in the end the librarian caught us and we just went out of the library and went to the ntuc to play instead HAHAHA (btw, we're at nex!) Eion, Yuren, Brandon and the rest joined us because joey and the rest asked if they wanna so yeah they did. Then in the end we got chased out again ah!!!

I got this injury when I was running away from Jeslin when she is catching me in the library. :(

We go into our own groups again and we went to eat sogurt ^_^


We sang a lot of songs and danced around like crazy till we sweat like hell hahaha but in the end we did sit down and calm ourselves down and sing all the slower songs hahaha. I took a video of us singing but nah, don't wanna upload it. TOO UNGLAM!!!

And we ordered drinks ^_^

 And we went to Rachael's house to watch movie again. Scary Movie 2. It's so funny lah omg!!! While they were looking for movies to watch (before we watch SM2) I was camwhoring hahaha I don't know why but I am not shy when I am camwhoring in front of my friends. hmmm!

So I went to find Liyi on wednesday as there is no school and basically we just slack at her house and then went out to eat with her family hahaha!

She cooked for me aww <3


Thursday, I went to the Volunteer's retreat to watch Taken 2. As I participated in the Cold Storage Triathlon  (my previous update)!


Went to liyi's house again to wait for sijie!!! Her dog hehe so cute!!!

After sijie reached, we went to town to walk around and do some window shopping. Byvan came along because he was bored at home. Keith didn't come because he was lazy and he wanna meet at plaza sing instead. Then we ate at kfc!!!

FYI, liyi and sijie's foot were hurting like a bitch oops!

SOOOOOOO as usual, how can I not go to anf? :-)  

The hottest anf male model I have ever seen in sg lor. Omg he looks kinda like Stefan from The Vampire Diaries!!!

After that, bused down to plaza sing and to meet the others to get our movie tickets and Certificate!!!

 Sazlynna <3

Ending off my post with the polaroids I took at anf hehe!!! (not posting all because I look weird in some of it..) 


OMG IGNORE MY FACE THANKS... I was too happy hahaha!