Friday, October 26, 2012



Yesterday was the promotion day! Everyone had their ups and downs in my school but yesterday, for the sec 3s, are our most important day of our life. We all teared a little, maybe because of your friends who cried upon receiving the bad news or teared a lot because you yourself received a very shocking news... We all screamed and put a wide smile on our faces, because we knew that we were promoting to sec 4E/4NA/4T and seeing our classmates again!!!

SO.... YES, I got promoted to sec 4NA, I must really really really not waste this chance that my teachers had given me. At the start of the year, I didn't really bother to concentrate in class because I was easily distracted. Until I got my mid year's results, THAT was my wake up call and I begin to study real hard. I know myself that it is abit too late to study at that point of time when I didn't really absorbed anything into my brain when I was in class.

I admit that I didn't really study like shitload out of my head cause I sometimes slack a little too but I am sure my hard work paid off! I met the requirements of passing English and two other subject. But when I received my paper, I wasn't happy YET. Because I know that my mid year papers are gonna pull down my overall percentage/result. 

I prayed and crossed my fingers. And when I received my report book, I WAS EFFING HAPPY. Jumping around and going to find my other friends to ask whether they got promoted or not. And majority of them did, I am happy for them too! But, some did not, I watched them cry, I felt horrible... I mean like, almost 3 years of friendship and of course you would be unhappy if your friends are upset, right? But all of them have to accept the fact that is right in front of their face. No matter what you do, it has it's consequences... Just suck up those tears and study extra hard!!! 


Alright, enough of all of that!!!

10/22 - MONDAY

Went out with Adriana, Rachael and Ariel on Monday as we have no school. Left the house to meet that at serangoon mrt at around 9+ and they all reached at 10. We headed to Bugis and had kfc for breakfast.

Went to bugis+ after that, went to sephora first and I AM FOR SURE GONNA BUY WONDERSTRUCK BY TAYLPR SWIFT!!! Then, we headed to new look and try out some heels.

Headed to town after leaving new look!

He is so cute omg!!!

The CG was rather unfriendly but never mind..... HA HA HA she looks really pissed whenever she helps any other girls to take a polaroid or a picture.

At cotton on, this heel's size was too small and I was squeezing into it, can't find any other smaller sizes, others are all too big for me. :(

While we are walking to somerset, RACHAEL AND I SAW GEORGE YOUNG OMG. I ran after him like hell. He turned to me and said hi and I asked if I could take a picture omg!!! I am sure a happy girl on that day. Rachael was pissed at herself because when George Young walked away, she didn't stop him for a picture. OH AND, he said "Have a great monday girls" to us awwww he is so cute!!!!!!!

At vivo

My legs are so ugly rn, argh.... :(

The sun is like literally burning me, I could barely open my eyes completely for a picture...

Ariel left then we rest awhile more and walked around.


They went to buy the rice cake thingy and we settle down at a table to eat!

After that, we went to cotton on to try out some dresses and I LOVE IT!!! hehe then we headed home. When I reached home, I was feeling sick, and then I took my temperature, I had fever.... Sigh, but thank God I recovered the next day because it was just a slight fever!

23/10 - TUESDAY

The best day I ever had in school that day.

Divian, Jacqui and DeeKosh came to my school and gave sec3s a talk!!!!!!!!!!!!

(they posted up the first group of sec3s who went in first) photo credit: 987fm

photo credit: 987fm


The very first activity that they did with us was the Gangnam Style Dance Challenge. They asked us to point out the most playful/idk what they said classmate, and Adriana, Rachael, Ariel, Nameerah, Sazlynna and the rest pointed at me. But I didn't want to go up. So Moses went up, and then DeeKosh asked me to go up cause the people around me are pointing at me... Yep, at first I didn't know what they will be asking us to do then when they said we need to do the Gangnam Style Dance everybody went "OHHHHHHH" and Adriana, Rach and Ariel got so worked up because we did the Gangnam Style Dance Parody Video... -_-
Ariel took a video on my phone.......... LOL! Then Divian borrowed Moses his sunglasses and said that he look like PSY HAHAHAHAHA. The music started, I was asking Jacqui if I can go down and sit again because I didn't have the guts to do and my whole face was super RED... So she said she will accompany me and I was holding on to her hand so tightly lor okay hahaha! Then when the song hits "oppa gangnam style" I just started dancing, danish did too but I am not so sure about Moses. But then I stopped and laugh because Jacqui was shocked that I really did it... Then I continued again.... Hahaha Deekosh chose danish as the winner. :) 

Then, they talked about being a DJ and stuffs like that....

And then James, Asri and Elfian went up to do another challenge, they need to read the sentences and follow Divian's hand, and when it goes up, their voice must go higher and when it goes down, their voice must go lower and when it is in the middle, they need to remain as their normal voice. IT WAS SUPER FUNNY HAHAH! Divian asked all of us to choose the winner by cheering for each of them, the one who receives the  loudest cheer wins! AND ELFIAN WON HEHEHE!

What I got from them as a prize for doing the gangnam style dance


 with my sister

Alright, that's all for today!!! Next post will be about my last day of school!!! Stay tune xoxo! :)