Monday, October 1, 2012


Don't you think that you're too much? You think people have to tolerate with all of your nonsense? You think that people won't get sick and tired? You think that the world revolves around you? Let me tell you something, it's all a no. Don't only think about yourself, spare a thought for other people. Don't just walk into their life and leave footsteps and leave. Don't just ruin his/her day just because yours is. You think they can put up with your nonsense but honestly, they can't. People care for you, they care, they really care, but you just don't fucking see that they do. And you treat it all as a joke. And when they leave you, you'll be begging them to come back and tell them that you'll appreciate and cherish them. By that time. It's already too late. That person might have already died mentally from all of your nonsense. Think, reflect. I will reflect too but you need to reflect the most on your actions and WORDS. Make people love you for who you are not hate you for who you're not. I'm already tolerating. You just need to change, I need to change. We all need to change. So just stop being a god damn kid and wake up. It's time to wake up. You're not a kid anymore. You make your own decisions yourself, you don't ask people to make decisions for you. If you're reading this, I hope you change. I really hope you do. I really hope for the better and I want everything to be fine. I don't want all the bullshit to happen right here, right now, in my face when the eoy examinations are starting.

Okay bye............