Thursday, May 31, 2012

Jealousy kills

Hi y'all! Updating my blog again. As I promise some of you that I'll update about me and my boyfriend yay, finally got all the pictures that we took and I'm sooooo happy about it, don't know why. I'm having my dinner with him and my sister tonight, more pictures + my sister can help us take yay! 
And, I should briefly tell you about what I will blog about today. 1) I'LL RANT ABOUT JEALOUSY AND RELATIONSHIP. *inserts a very scary song because it'll prolly waste all of your time* but you can skip it if you want to. 2) Update on pictures when I went out with my aunt! 3) Babyboy and me on his birthday weeeeeee. So let's start!

 I'm just stating about jealousy through my relationship experience with my dearest lover boy, Damien okay. So correct me if I said anything wrong don't take it to heart. AND, most importantly I AM NOT REFERRING TO ANY ONE OF YOU PEOPLE, so chill and enjoy! 

I bet all of us have been jealous before (insecure or paranoid = jealous). Reason why? Mostly because of friendships and bgr (boy girl relationship). I admit that I've been jealous before and lots of DRAMA, I mean really, there's a whole lot of drama going on after I get jealous. As this quote says that "When guys gets jealous, it's cute. But when girls gets jealous, it's World War III". Kinda agree to that quote but no, it's not just World War III, it's worse than World War III. Ok, moving on to what I've experienced and I know I'm at fault too but whatever~

Imagine if your boyfriend/girlfriend has a very close friends which is a opposite sex, they talk everyday through text and in school. They cheer each other up easily, tell each other about their problems and think you don't exist in this world. How will you feel? Insecure, jealous and paranoid AND obviously you'll be scared to lose him/her. Agree?

Yeah, I experienced that before. Even quarreled with my boyfriend and his "CLOSE FRIEND". I'm not saying that I'm against him from talking to girls but it's just too much, there's limit to everything. Okay, what if this happens to you..... 
Your boyfriend/girlfriend is sick and you just want to ask if he/she is okay and take care of him/her but..... your boyfriend/girlfriend totally asked you to FUCK OFF and don't care about him/her. But.... When a friend of his, opposite sex, asked if he/she was okay and his/her reaction will be like "No I'm not, I want to go home" and act like he/she is very blessed and is FUCKING HAPPY. How will you feel? 
Mind fucked, sad, heart broken, like a knife just stabbed into your heart, jealous, YOU JUST FEEL LIKE YOU WANT TO DIE. Okay maybe y'all will just say "Leave him/her because you deserve someone better" but, what if, you really love him/her and don't want to leave him/her? You'll obviously feel that way. And yes, that is what I EXPERIENCED. I'm not here to say something bad about my boyfriend but I'm just here to say that, people who have experienced things like that or something like that, you're not alone. I'm on the same boat as you. 

What's worse than being alone? Being used, lied to, mind fucked over and over again, abandoned, left behind and completely forgotten. So, people who complain that they're forever alone or whatever, should think real hard before you get into a relationship. I know this is like no link to what I'm saying but just a piece of advice. Just saying.

This is for the girls who complains that they find "Jealous Girlfriends" annoying. If you were in our shoe, you'll feel the same way so just shut up and don't judge us. Why are we so paranoid, insecure and BEING JEALOUS? Because we love him. Simple. Maybe because you don't really go and love someone before but put yourself in other's shoes before you go on with your nonsense biatch. (Ok, I've gotta chill but I'm just speaking up for the girls who got called annoying, bitch who gets jealous easily over nothing. Probably you always have all your attention to everyone that you don't even know that the ones you love have been stolen by someone who KNOWS HOW TO LOVE and who KNOWS HOW TO BE JEALOUS because it's cute when we, girls, get jealous too (it's not only the boys who are cute okay). 
I know all this are nonsense to people who are single (not all but maybe some?) but I'm just stating the facts of WHY we get jealous, paranoid and sensitive. 
Maybe those girls who bitch about us girls, who are in love, should get a life because they're gonna feel that way too. Then maybe, in the future they'll regret what they said in the first place about jealousy and say this "Wait, maybe you're right. I get jealous too. Because I finally know how to love someone and really give him my attention only." LOL makes no sense but I'm just having fun ya! 

Gonna reply to this image above because I feel like, and I reply like as if this person is my friend blah blah.

You don't know anything about us. (Not everything but just a little maybe?) He mean the whole world to me. I don't know if this is how you feel but this is how I really feel. I can't just don't give a fuck and pretend that what he has done/said means nothing at all to me because it just hurts me so much that I could die. It's not that I want to let him ruin my day, it's just hit up to me, like a thousand of knifes stabbing me through my heart, you should know that feeling too. I'm not like you. When it comes to love, I will get weak. Everybody will break down and cry out loud. But weak people like me? Will just pms all the way when he did something wrong or said something that could hurt me. 
OKAY NONSENSE BUT WHATEVER. I'm just acting as if I'm in that situation because I've been in that kind of situation before!

Done with my rants, shall move on!

As I promised, that I'll update on the pictures when I went out with my aunt, here are the photos. :-) 
Photos are not in order.

Polaroids we took


Look at how fucken tall he is............

Okay so moving on, again. On the 22nd May. Is my babyboy's birthday so after school. We went to Kallang Leisure and watch "What to Expect When You're Expecting" rate it 3.5/5. Hehe okay shall let the pictures do the talkings.

@Coffee Bean

Happy boy enjoying his brownie cake HAHAHAHHA

He's reading the book I made him yay. Took me a long time to do it okay! Oh and I also bought him a baggu bag, Turquoise. And, he straight away want to use it LOL.

Step close eye only LOL


I'm ending this post with few pictures of me, to annoy you people.

This is funny LOL

And my nails done by me, myself yay so proud! Did this for 3 fucken hours......

Bye!!!!!!!! Will update soon again. Gonna go for dinner with my babyboy and sister later~