Sunday, June 10, 2012

Sing for me

Hi there. So, I haven't been really blogging because I don't really take much pictures now and then..... Feel like I'm neglecting blogger all over again but well, it's just a few days that I didn't blog so I don't give a fuck hahah. 

Linda is selling away her make up (all authentic) and some of her clothes. Helping her advertise because I don't have anything much to blog about so ya.....

Make up forever setter, $30

Za Mascara (volume and wide eyes), sold separately, $15 each

Maybelline Mascara (hyper curl, magnum volume express), $15 each (still in packaging, sole separately)

Loreal lash architect mascara, $12

 Curl impact collagene mascara (Loreal), $12

Michelle top coat nail polish, $1

Loreal true match mineral powder foundation, $10

 Revlon photoready two way powder foundation, (price not stated so you'll have to ask her on her formspring!)
But this is very good, I've used this for about one month already. :-)

Olive san lomo camera, $60 (film not included)

 Maybelline foundation powder, (price not stated too, ask her on formspring)

 Eau thermale avene pimple cream, $15

Polka dot dress, $12

 Floral dress, $12

Light pink scallop shorts, $12 (fits uk 4-8)

Purple max pants, $12

 Nude top with vintage detailing, $10

 Strawberry red collar top, $10

Nude scallop top, $12

 Leopard collar skater dress, $12

 Nude romper, $12

okie, that's all. Visit her Blog or ask her questions on her Formspring :-)

Nothing much to really blog about, heading out with mommy later, but I'm so tired and I'm sick already..... Sigh, life sucks. Holidays are really very boring because Singapore is so small and there is nowhere to go, really. So, I guess my readers will decrease because my blog is not interesting anymore LOL. But anyways, some photos that I recently took!

Diy-ed my phone a little, but in the end I peel out the phone crystal stickers at the side because I think it's a little too much LOL

 Went to jb on Friday, shopping with my mom, sister and my mom's friend! Posted it on instagram, some of my buys at jb, there are still a lot a lot a whole lot more!!!

I will end this post here, nothing to talk about anymore. This is just a random update to keep my blog alive.... Yup, that's all. Bye x!