Monday, May 28, 2012

Wild Child

I know I haven't been blogging for about two weeks.......... Because of Mid Years and that I'm too lazy to blog but here I am, blogging again. I know I've already lost tons of readers and yeah, even though I have promised you guys that I will update like very soon but I still drag the update sooooooo I'm sorry!!!!!

Thought have been running through my mind and I'm thinking if I really do mean a thing to anyone or not. Feels like I'm just a spare tyre or a shit to every single one of the people I love. Well, don't wanna rant over here and irritate or destroy you people's mood so ya, should move on to my update! There are 2 parts anyway!!!! :-) 

Went out with my aunt on the 19/20, I can't remember but anyways, my #ootd

We decided to have our lunch at The Marmalade Pantry @ION, it was packed at first but the waiter took down my number and called when there's a seat so when we got down to the first floor then the waiter called. -_- So we need to walk all the way back up, again. We did lots of talking, but sadly my cousins, Celine and Eileen were not able to make it because they'd to go back to school so yeah... Kinda sad cause my aunt was planning to surprise them hahaha. My shen shen (in chinese) is now having her third child and it's a boy, bet my grandma will be so damn happy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

So, my aunt told us about the times when we were young because I was super close to her and all my relatives said that I am the smaller version of her. She said I was like a monkey. And when my sister was born, my aunt played with her and my sister bite her so she walked to me and tell me "I don't like your sister. She bite me!!!!!!" Even though I bite her too, but she know I was obviously playing with her hahaha. Oh and ya, she told me that she wanted to name me "Quinn" in the first place but my shen shen and mum didn't agree to it and she was very disappointed. "Quinn" is so American lor, doesn't suit me but since it's what my aunt likes, I like it too yay! ^_^

We had a super long day after that, walked the whole of town but except for fep. Headed over to scape cause my aunt need to get a polaroid for my grandma cause my grandma find it very cool hahha. So we headed back to cine and she wanted to buy us something and said "that is what a aunt must do for her nieces so let me buy something for y'all" (something like that). I feel so blessed. We headed to taka after that, to get my smallest uncle his present and guess what!? It's a electronic toothbrush and it caused her........................ SGD200/300!? Wow okay. So jealous because she's using credit card right now, I wish I have one too! :-( 

At 5.50 we went to watch The Avengers 3D, rate it 4.5/5 but I'd rather catch the non-3D cause it's better, the 3D doesn't do much, sigh. After the movie, went to bk to dabao dinner back home and yep!!! I'll let the pictures do the talking, not all photos are uploaded but I promise I'll update about this again. :-)

All this photos were taken @cineleisure frolick :-)
While my aunt went to order, saw this guy walking out of Seoul Garden and planking on the floor for a few seconds. Literally laughed out loud with my sister but they're sure playing truth or dare. LOL

Guess how old my aunt is? ^_^

Polaroid taken with her. <3

She bought this Polaroid for grandma! :-)
Done with Part 1! :-)


Met up with Linda on Saturday, 26. Been so long since I last saw her. She was wearing heels and I feel like a dwarf. :-( Hehe should have wear heels but I know my legs will hurt like @#$%^&^%$#@. Didn't take much pictures but here's one photo of us HIIIIIIIIIIIIIII!

My buys:
Revlon Concealer, Lancome Virtuose Drama Mascara, Babylips Maybelline, Revlon PhotoReady foundation, a bling bling hand accessories from F21, Bio-Essence bb cream, and a mask that Linda bought but she gave it to me. :-)

Photo taken when I got back home.

With mommy teo <3

GIFs I took on gifboom, myself

During lesson period, HAHAHAHAHA

Two pictures without make up!!!! Feel so fresh hehehe

I am totally in love with Nina Dobrev and Ian Somerhalder, waiting for The Vampire Diaries Season 4 to come out weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee~

Bye!!!!!!!!!! :-) x