Saturday, May 5, 2012

No pain, no gain. In a relationship, there must be a fight, a quarrel and misunderstandings. If there isn't any of this, it's not love.

Took a break today from all the studying, so did a Vlog again. :-)

Don't judge xoxo.

Took a number of pictures so ya, enjoy. ^__^

I'm wearing this dress (although it didn't fit me perfectly but it turned out quite good) I bought from Caroline, and it's from OhSoFickle. She's selling her clothes, shoes and bags off too, do check out her blog, she posted the things that she's selling . :-) 
And Linda is selling things too, not sure about her updating on her blog, but most probably it is. xo

My dearest sister. <3

my fringe lol

Bye for now, stay tune for more x.