Sunday, November 11, 2012


Hi you all!!!

Gonna update about yesterday, Passion Run 2012.

Went to meet my girls as usual for breakfast at nex mac

After we all gathered at the canteen then, Adriana lead the part As to eat their early lunch!

I ate my breakfast alr so yeah haha bought this at the mama shop! 

We settle down at the prata shop then Adriana and Erin went to buy prata... So that we could sit down inside hahaha

Went back to school and Mr Yeo marked our attendance... While he was briefing, then when he talked, he was going to cough but I guess he hold it back then he sounded very funny so everyone laughed.

On the bus, off we go to ecp!!!


The grass and all the mud are all so disgusting... Rachael and I were like "ew ew ew" but Ariel and Adriana find it disgusting but they didn't say a word hahaha

Our "dinner" at 3pm LOL!!! I was not in the same group as Adriana and the rest... But I end up with Jiahui and the rest hahaha. ShaoZheng ran to Eugene's group so our group leader was like calling him but it wasn't his number then they announced it out loud and asked where he is and stuffs, everybody who is in bartley laughed then in the end he got called back by us lah

After we ate, went to find Adriana, Rachael, Ariel and Erin with Jiahui and Shaozheng

Ariel <3

 Rachael <3

Adriana hahah she wasn't ready

More annoying faces of me



HAHA Ariel drew this on my leg...
Erin :)

Jiahui ^^

HAHAHA Ariel and Erin tried photobomb... 

Awkward moment with Junyang and Eugene...

lol shaozheng...

Oh ya, I was assigned to water point ^_^

 This Caucasian fathers and sons walked to us and asked if they could drink some water hahaha

We got super busy at around 6+, the 1st runner wanted to take a drink from me but I thought he didn't want so I moved away and he was like "EHHH" he was a black american anyway, they are always the 1st to reach the finishing line...

It was kinda hard to give them without spilling the water out... There was too many runners coming to us then I was just like "OKAY I WILL TAKE AS MUCH CUPS AS I CAN..." hahaha 

This small caucasian boy gave us that cheeky smile when he ran pass us hahaha

And this korean guy ran to Jiahui and danced gangnam style while he played it hahahaha

They started to splash water at each other while I was being a very hard working person giving out the cups of water... I poured a lot of water on my leg and hell yeah IT FEELS SO GOOD but after awhile it is kinda disgusting... My hand was aching too...

Look at the mess they made.......

And there was this two girls saying "eh why are they running" to me and jiahui when we were running back hahaha

Me jiahui and shaozheng were like running to the finishing line point to look for Adriana and the rest, but we ran back again hahaha... Then I was like asking the medic whether the last runner reached already or not but he said he was somewhere near our area so we ran to find that last runner and wanted to cheer him on, we even hold 2 cups on our hands each but in the end we pour it away...

So we got tired of waiting and we just went back to look for the others and rest... So me jiahui and shaozheng walked back and halfway we were like "let's run like we are the last runner!!!" then when I was running, this group of guys idk shouted my name then I turned around lol... Shaozheng and Jiahui turned too then shaozheng was like "FANNNNNCLUBBBBBB" -_- 

The screened a movie, Madagascar 3...


but that guy gave like only a little bit...

We just rest all the way... AND I really hate the walking on grass... It is disgusting :(

 This dog I saw... I was scared of the cause when the dog turned and looked at me, looks like he was gonna eat me up or something... So the distance was rather far apart... I guess because I look like a cat that's why... Hahaha kidding!!! ;)

With Elena and photobombed by Adriana

We fall in and did some head count cause the teachers wanted to make sure that everybody was there.

Sankeri :)

 Vishvini :)




On the bus right, when we stopped, the guys at the back were like looking at a couple PDA on the other SBS bus.... And they were like "ohhhhhhhh" then when our bus driver drove away very fast and they were still looking at them and saying "ohhh oiiiiii ehhhh" lol....

Happy girl on the bus!!!

And what's the best about the bus? The seats can go down and WE CAN LIE DOWN OMG SO SHIOK!!! The bus dropped us off at Bartley MRT and Mr Yeo and Ms Lee can't leave until everyone left...
Mummy was lazy to come fetch me so Jiahui's dad drove me and Erin to nex and we took a cab home...

And I am ending this post with 2 pictures of me!!!

Good bye, I will update again. I hope I don't bore all of you... xx