Friday, November 9, 2012


Hey, I'm back!

I shall carry on with all the things that I wanna update about.

30th October
Rachael, Ariel, Adriana and me planned to go to rach's house to bake. As usual I was late so I helped them buy cup walker!

We were slacking all the way at first then we found out that rach don't have some ingredients so Ariel and Adriana went to buy while me and Rachael rot... And as usual, we watched this movie that rach intro us, called "ATM". I rate it 3/5? I don't know hahaha it was rather stupid cause they stayed inside the ATM, actually, if I was them, I would also stay inside cause the freaky guy can't get in and kill me. If you're interested to watch, you can watch it on youtube: (the full movie). The trailer:

Then when we watched halfway we just move on to baking cause we were too bored... (the first few photos are not in order)


The first batch

Turned out ugly BUT IT TASTE GOOD hehe

It was hard on the outside but soft inside lol weird...

Second batch turned out the same too T_T

Then we went to heartland mall to this hansik korean restaurant

The side dishes

Mine, Chicken Bulgogi

Adriana's Fruit Cold Noodle

Rachael's Kimchi Stew

And Ariel's Spicy Beef Soup

Out with mum and sis, on the 31st October!

Then went for a jog hehe

Before jogging

After jogging

And went to BBQ Box for late dinner with my relatives, lol all my effort on jogging.................

With Jiaying

Mummy bought the back home the other day

Lovely mum <3

She helped me trim my brows hehe

2nd November
Went to town with them <3 

Camwhored at scape HAHAHA

they made some charm bracelet at the flea, I needed to save money for the next day so I didn't do. :-( but never mind, they'll accompany me to go and make the next time hehe

Something bad happened to me.... My shirt, the strap broke off then I didn't realize until Rachael tell me omg hahaha thank God she has her cardigan to borrow me if not I WILL BE DEAD.

They went to tpy for creamier then I went all the way to Boon Lay to look for my boyfriend.
I asked if his mum got any shirts that can fit me and so he found one for me and I changed... PHEW!


Then I headed back home cause I need to celebrate my sister's birthday!

And yes, I'll end my post here, good bye. xo