Saturday, June 23, 2012

I'm With You

Hello, again!

Updating as usual because I am so free now as I've done all my holiday assignment in just one day yay, feel so accomplished! And happy of course! I am happy enough that people have been saying "God bless you" to me because of what happened to my father. I have actually never told/talked to anyone before except for my silly boy and close friends. Sometimes I even cry in front of them because of that. But yeah, I am stronger now and eventually will try to not cry to sleep sometimes... (I do okay, I just can't get over it) If you don't know, my father passed away due to a car accident and worst is? I got a call from the police when me and my sister was preparing for school, it happened when I was at the age of 11. I picked up the call and my mom was shocked and so sad that she burst out in tears, I have no idea what's happening until she calmed down and told me what happened. I skipped school a lot, after my father died and yeah.... My results was not very good..... (I'm telling y'all this because I have something to say later on!) I spend almost my everyday crying over my father. And I eventually got tired and got even stronger!
I'm not the one who suffered a lot, it's my mom who suffered the most, because she lost his loving husband and someone who can help her support us. She worked real hard and really really just try her best to raise us up and watch us grow up happily. I hear her crying sometimes at night, like still now! I don't know what to do but I just kept quiet. I don't want to talk anymore about this, I think I'll burst out in tears any minute!.....

We all know that a girl needs a father who will be there for her, protecting her, driving her to school everyday or just driving her out to go for some shopping, to give daily allowance to fill up her stomach, a really good listener and a adviser, a best friend who we always feel comfortable with and a life mentor who will bring us back to the right path and walk the right one so that we won't end up regretting when we grow up. Daddy's the best, mothers are awesome too! Well, I'm not trying to earn sympathy from all of you haters or people out there, I just want to end this off with a very very important thing!

Be grateful that you have both of your parents with you who can dote and love on you. If you think that all their scoldings or the lecture that they gave you are annoying or a waste of your time, you're wrong. They care for you, for your future, they want you to be a smart person, a beautiful one too. I know we all have scolded or curse them, but let's all just take it back. They did everything for you, just FOR YOUR OWN GOOD. And don't you neglect that. I know I'm like being a grandmother typing out a whole paragraph of nonsense and you'll be thinking "who is this bitch and who do she think she is?" but I'm just telling you here. Take care of your parents, listen to them, make them happy. When they're gone (I'm not cursing), don't regret it, you'll cry like fuck, and I assure you will. Just, be grateful when you still have both parents with you. I lost my father, and I know the feeling, how much it hurts and how much I will cry, how much everything has change and all! You want to take this advice or not, your choice. But if you're already doing the "Take care of your parents, listen to them, make them happy" then you'll be fine and you're the luckiest girl/guy in the world! You all are very lucky to still have both of your parents loving you and caring about you. And I admit, whenever I see a happy family, my face will completely change and I'll think of my father.....
As for the ones whose father/mother passed away, God bless you, you are strong, I know it. Because I am too. :) xoxo.. Oh and ya haters, if you're gonna rub it in more or to someone who you know, better don't. Because I'll make sure you'll regret it, such a shame if you say anything bad to rub it in more ok. And I must say, your parents didn't teach you well enough to show other's your respect. Shame on you, kid, grow up and grow some brains too!

(no make-up!)

Oh and yes, you see my Guzheng at the back? That's my pri sch cca hehehe, can't imagine right...

All this pictures above are pictures I took with my phone!

And this are the photos I took with my lappy!

 So on Wednesday went out with mummy because she had her facial appointment, funny how she's a beautician but she goes to other shops to do her facial stuffs....

Cool mirror!

I look like hell!

Picture of mommy hehe, sexy or not!? Haha I love it when the blue mask thingy is dry then I will try to break it or just press it hardly LOL

So torture starts on Monday, good luck y'all. Lovesssssssssss!

Bye, xoxo.