Saturday, June 16, 2012

Just an update!

Hi girls!!!! I'm doing an advert for Vina and since I'm free and I have nothing much to blog about but I will be blogging about something else, something that has been bugging me yep.

Leather High Waist, qyop above $25

Auburn High Waist, $35

Leopard Print Clutch, $20

Floral Skirt, $15

Tribal Print Sling Bag, qyop above $26

New York New York Top, $15

Polka Dot Sheer Top, qyop above $20

Yep, that's all. :) 
Text her @ 91187354 if you're interested in the things she's selling. For bloggers, if you do an advert for her and if you're interested in her items, you can get 5% off. Her items are cheap enough and the price can be fixed between you and Vina, support her too ok! xo

Just to entertain you guys................

This guy proposed to his girlfriend at The Rink @ JCube, fucking sweet. This photo is from Facebook by the way, JCube posted it!

Here's a short video!

And look, after I tweet this.....

This mr lim fucking sweet!


Yumz, Galeteria Italia at Iluma with mom and sis few days back!

GIFs I took!

Bye! xoxo