Wednesday, June 13, 2012

It's us again!

Hi, what's up!
Doing a proper post today yay, I will briefly explain about everything about yesterday. :-)

Yesterday, went swimming at Choa Chu Kang Swimming Complex with baby, my sister, my dearest liyi (my laogong yay) and her sister. Was suppose to swim at wild wild wet but baby think it was too far and so, we decided to go jurong east but it was renovating, I suggested sentosa but all of them said nah, sigh, so in the end we went to cck! So liyi and her sister came over to my house around 10+ (I think), headed to jurong east interchange to meet baby but he was late very very late.... 
Got to the swimming complex at about 12 and then we started swimming, went to the wave pool but there's no wave yet, sigh! hehe baby was sweet, very very sweet. We went over to the small lazy river and he was like "go on my back" then i got on his back, hehe felt like a princess all the way plzzzzzzzzz. 
Headed to the competition pool, swam, me and my sister did front and back flip in the pool, so baby said that he could do a double back flip but in the end he can't cause he was too slow hehe. Went over to the wave pool again cause there was wave already then baby hugged me tightly so that I will feel safe (awww) ok, then jieyi (liyi's sister) and my sister hold on to liyi, damn poor thing can, I actually asked if jieyi wanted to hold on to my babyboy but liyi said no so yep, slack around in this don't know what small pool, liyi and the rest suggested that me and baby do something, like in those kind of shows that liyi watch, a couple go swim or w/e then went of them drown then the other person need to blow air into the person who is drowning LOL I don't know how to explain but in the end, we tried at the wave pool and I fucking blow bubbles out because it is so funny, ok. So another wave came, and then the wave was gone, slacked in the wave pool for awhile again then, we went to the jacuzzi and baby started collecting those soap bubbles and threw it at me.. -_- Shall let the pictures do the talking now.

While waiting for baby.

Late lunch at kallang leisure! We can't decide where to go and eat so in the end, liyi don't want to eat and she want to take her sister to kallang leisure to eat so me baby and my sister decided to head to kallang leisure for lunch too. ^_^

Look at the last photo, I covered my face because I was laughing so hard at baby behind my back hahahah so cute please! xo

My eyes so weird lor, thanks to swimming!

Sorry, my face was fucked up after I swim, my hair too. :-(

Me, baby and my sister wastched Madagascar 3: Europe's Most Wanted. Super funny and I rate it 4.5/5, some parts are quite boring ya...

Liyi and her sister went home after our late lunch, so the rest of us went to the arcade first, played basketball with baby and I rock at it haha nah, just joking.

Love. <3

In the cinema!

Sorry, my face cannot maintain hahahaaaaahhaha.

Baby was being a qt3.142 lor, I keep on pinching is cheeks. I miss his hugs and when he piggy back me. :-( hehe okay.................

 Ending this post with my most recent gif, bye, till then! xoxo