Friday, June 15, 2012

Never Gonna Leave This Bed

Here to update again but I'm afraid the next few days I'll neglect blogger, but never mind... I will just try to update as much as possible to entertain you guys! x

Call me crazy/whatever but yes, I went swimming yesterday with baby alone hehe. I don't know why but got that urge to swim so just swim lor, did I mention how much I love swimming too!?!?? No. Okay hahaha. Shall move on now... I went to meet baby at about 2 at NEX then we cabbed down to SengKang Swimming Complex, that sillyboy didn't want to swim but for me, he did awww.

My outfit of the day!

On the cab while heading to sk swimming complex!
Baby sang Scream - Usher and Black Eyed Peas - Where is the love while the radio was playing this two songs, sing till damn loud sia.

This mr lim ah, really very random, he just took my phone and said he want to snap a picture of me and him like this.

 Look at his face LOL

Baby forever covering my face with his hands while I am camwhoring, the second picture was blurred because I was laughing out loud lolsie

Meh, revenge.

See, again... Forever like this one!


I went to change while baby waited for me, then he changed. When we got in the competition pool, he lifeguard ask baby to get out because he was wearing his basketball tights(for sports etc.) then he thought he can't go to that competition pool only so we went to the other 1.2m pool(i think it's 1.2 LOL) then, the other lifeguard said this "you cannot wear this tights lah brother, must change, or you just wear a pants over it, not we purposely want to do this but we must go against the rules ah brother" I laughed then baby said "you don't know meh? he my uncle" then i was like "screw you, your uncle ah? you think i 3 year old?" 
So he changed, then we went to ask the lifeguard again whether his pants can make it or not then he said okay, so we went to the competition pool and swim yay.
This mr lim cannot maintain, cause he forget to bring his goggles and the pool have like i don't know a lot of amount of chlorine that made our eyes hurt like mother fucker so he saw a goggles at the side of the pool, he went to take but i told him it is broken then he just went to press against his eyes and went into the pool but still, cmi so in the end we have to close our eyes in the pool all the way and WE DON'T EVEN GET TO SWIM LIKE 1 LAP...... :(
Baby made me laugh all the way while I was swimming that I nearly drowned, but so sweet of him ah, he pulled me up and carry me to the side of the pool and so that i can step on the erm idk what thing....... Then I kept on swim off the side, so baby got worried and ask me to go back to him because he scared that I nearly drown again. He even ask me to go up on his shoulder but the LIFEGUARD KEPT ON EYEING ON US WTF. we went to try out the 4 colour slides at first, then i was scared at first because i have this fear that i will fall off the freaking slide and hit my head LOL, but in the end i tried lah, then i was like "LET'S DO IT AGAIN" but baby suggested we go to the twist slide, he went to the purple and I went to the yellow one, the yellow one was freaking fasttttttttttttt. We went back into the competition pool again then baby and I had h2h talk hehe, talked about a whole lot of things, then I wanted to see who can hold our breath the the longest, the first time I lost but the second time, baby said I can only come up once to breathe then the the second time i come up i lose, in the end we both got up the same time hahah. We also see who swim faster LOL, i think i win lor, bb cheat one. -_-
We got out of the pool and wanted to go to the jaccuzi but so many people in there then baby was like "kids go for fuck?" lol, then we went into the other teaching pool which was sheltered and the water fucking cold, baby don't dare to go into the pool so i pulled him down, such a smart girl, then we compete with each other again then baby said he want to sun tan but in the end he also roll into the pool cause the lifeguard keep on eyeing on us, meh. So baby literally ran inside the pool and I swim, when I swim faster, he kept pulling my leg, knn damn bad sia, but in the end i also win lah. Baby kinda lame but in the end I also play with him that I laughed to hard. So we went to the twist slide again, this time I tried the purple one cause I already went on the yellow on for 2 times. baby said that i'll fly up a little at the second bump or smth, but the purple one was slower, the yellow one was faster so I prefer the yellow one hahaha. So we went to the baby pool to wait for the water to be full in the pail so that it can splash down on us but we waited for so long and yet, nothing came so we waited for nothing and went to bathe. BABY DIDN'T BRING HIS TOWEL LOL. so i was like "wtf, how?" then he need to wait for me to bathe finish then he can use my towel lor, like fucking disgusting and unhygienic because yeah.... y'all should know why but never mind lah, baby don't mind since he is going home to bathe again. 

This picture was taken while waiting for baby

Went to Mac for our late lunch, I was super hungry..........................

baby's rayban sunglasses

while waiting for food! forgot to ask baby to buy criss cut fries and he was lazy to so never mind, ate the normal fries hehe

My nails abit ruined, ugly nails!

Baby's chip so dirty -_-


Happy boy eating his mcwing, so qt

his pimple got worse after he swim.......

the moment when you found out someone is snapping a photo of you

gonna ask baby to make this his fb dp!

Taking lrt back to compass point to take a cab back home

in the cab, all the photos very blurry :(

i don't know when i snapped this photo

This girls are way too sweet and kind!!! xoxo <3

so cute right!!! okie that's all bye bye! ^_^