Wednesday, July 4, 2012

So In Love

Hi there. I'm back for an update. 
Short update about school life.... Well, ever since school started, I have worked harder and pay attention to all my classes and did my own homework and work! So proud of myself because I was usually very very VERY lazy and that's a bad habit that we all should not keep! Well..... Some things happened recently which fucked my life up a little but I'm all better now. Fuck those idiots really. Okay, sorry!!!!! (to my readers)
I know I have been losing all my readers due to my lack of update but I'M REALLY VERY SORRY.... School started and yeah, I really need to concentrate and not fool around this time. :)

Yesterday's was our 1 year and 4 months anniversary. HEHE YAY <3

Happy belated 1 year and 4 month anniversary babyyyyyyy. xoxo
You all should know that I'll come up with a very mushy post over here right..... Hahaha

Hi babyboy, this few days has been a really tough time we've been through but no matter what, I'll still always fucking love you. I want to thank you, thank you for being there for me, for being such a sweetie pie, for being so patient with me, for tolerating my nonsense everyday, for always speaking up for me NO MATTER WHAT, for everything that you have done for me! Just a short post though.. Since I've already sent you a very longgggggggggg super long anniversary message hehe. I love you xoxo. <3

I need to rant and talk about something a little. If not my blog will be so dead and uninteresting. :(

I am so sick and tired of trying so hard but yet, I get nothing but just a bunch of bullshits and lies... If at least that person tries hard enough or harder, I would at least be happy and not be like all fucked up. I'm a human too, I got feelings. You have to understand how I would feel. To haters, what's the point of judging and laughing at one another? Is that what you really do in life? Just judge and judge? Damn it, low mofos..... (I'm sorry but I'm super pissed and upset now..)
I always get disappointed, for like more than a million times, well blame me for being such a stupid girl for trusting people and having high expectations. Yes, everyone has their own pride. But choosing ego over the one you love the most, that's the worst decision you can make. I'm so lazy to talk about all this shit anymore that I'm not gonna give a fuck from now on, I'll try to but no, I won't give a damn about it. So sickening and GOD DAMN IRRITATING. 

As all of us know this, we want someone to love us and adore us, someone who we can trust, who we can rely on, not forever but just for a very long time. No one can not tell you what to do or stop you from doing what you want. I have friends telling me that they are forever alone, or that they have relationship problems. I tend to keep giving advices and I'm good at it. But hell, I can't even tell that to myself but I can tell that to my friends? Ermmmmmm..... 

Everything has it's good point and bad point.

Let's just say, you just want freedom. And if you have that, cherish that. With you complaining about yourself being forever alone but still want freedom, it's a little selfish. We all know in love, we have to sacrifice, not just a little. BUT A LOT! And you made the right choice by staying single, reason why: 1) you have freedom 2) you get to spend quality time with friends and not worry about it 3) you won't have heartbreaks like everyday... 4) i'm sure you also don't want to cry to sleep every night just because of someone you love.
The bad point is that, yes, all of you will get upset/sad/jealous when you see couples all around you. That's normal and I don't blame you for feeling that way because it's in all of us. Even if someone's attached, they will also feel that being single is better but they had no choice, because of their loved ones, they sacrificed. I mean like, at least you'll just be jealous for awhile and after like a few minutes you'll get over it, right?

All you have to do is just love your partner, be with him/her, cherish the moments with him/her, share secrets, have heart to heart talks, cuddle etc. People might think that "Oh wow, so sweet sia this couple" but no, you both have been through a lot of fights and quarrels just to maintain the relationship you want. We don't know what you've been through or what has happened in YOUR relationship. It's yours, so nobody gets to interfere. 
For just some people, we might also get jealous of other sweeter couples or the people who are single. Don't feel that way. Because that isn't what your partner is expecting you to think/say/whatever. They will get hurt by just this little things because I have been through that. Just no matter what, talk things out. No point using violence or just shout at each other. Treat each other like the both of you are best friends, LOVE EACH OTHER. AND........... Don't cheat on your partner. You will hate it if your partner cheats on you, right? So don't!

That's all I have got to say.... This is just an short update nothing special but yeah, hope you all enjoyed. :) Some of the pictures that I took few days back or idk when...


Bye y'all xoxo. Will update real soon again. :)