Wednesday, September 28, 2011


(No pictures left, so digging out older ones!)

Hey guys, I know I've not been updating that often already. Sorry for the lack of post. :( Lack of motivation and I've been too lazy and very very busy with studies, I really need to study hard or else I retain and I obviously don't want that to happen... Life's been pretty much a bitch ever since all complicated things happen. Got real sad and go real crazy, but I have to accept the fact. :) It's better to know everything than letting your loved ones keeping something from you, and when you found out, it's too late to know the truth and you will definitely get hurt real deeply. Some bitch have commented on my Formspring just a few days ago, y'all go check it out(that includes if you have a formspring)!
Just want to let her know that, being a little pussy behind your computer screen & being a keyboard warrior is no use. Confront me will do, I won't eat you up. Since your so unhappy with me, why not just tell me in my face? Don't have the guts to or your just too scared that you will lose your face? Please, if you don't know me don't judge on me. IF YOU WANNA JUDGE ON ME, THEN CONFRONT ME and instead of not confronting me, your being a little dog. :) Just confront me, and everything will be okay my dear girl. <3 Alright, will go get my body on my bed and have my body clock fixed up! Keep on reading, and I will soon update about me and my dearest's 7monthsary! 5 MORE DAYS. xoxo