Thursday, September 8, 2011

I had to learn the hard way that some people walk into our lives and physically walk out, but they never really leave.

I'm bored so came to update.

Hmmmmm what I've been doing lately?....:

  • Staying at home, watching movies on funshion
  • Going out with my mum and shop till we drop
Yep boring enough. and, I haven't met baby in like 3days. That feeling is killing me. But the good thing is, I met him on tuesday night. Had heart2heart talks and really fool around at my house's so called "garden?" heh. Super love him la, he cut his hair again, cuter than ever can!!!!!!!! FINALLY OKAY! Finally I can meet him. I was dying on the inside due to lack of spending time with him laaaaa. :'( Poor thing right!!!

What I've been doing at home then... have been watching movies on funshion for this three days when I'm spending my morning and afternoon at home. Since I've got nothing to do now, so let me introduce to you guys some of the movies I like, and watched. :)
This morning I watched a few movies, so enjoy my post, and if you like the movie, go ahead and download if from funshion!

What about some books that Nicholas Sparks wrote and it was filmed...? it's all about love, brotherhood, sisterhood, but most of it are about romance. HA

The Notebook



Ryan Gosling
Rachel McAdams
James Garner
Gena Rowlands
Sam Shepard
James Marsden
Joan Allen

Dear John



Channing Tatum
Amanda Seyfried
Henry Thomas
Richard Jenkins
Scott Porter

The Last Song



Miley Cyrus
Liam Hemsworth
Kelly Preston
Greg Kinnear

Hmmmm time for other romance/brotherhood/sisterhood movies.....

Charlie St. Cloud



Zac Efron
Kim Basinger
Ray Liotta
Amanda Crew
Charlie Tahan

A shout out to Zac Erfon's fans.... including me, hehehehe must watch okay, he's uber super fucken hot can! Look at his muscles mannnnnnnnn!!!!

A Walk To Remember



Shane West
Mandy Moore




Alex Pettyfer
Vanessa Hudgens
Mary-Kate Olsen
Peter Krause
Lisa Gay Hamilton
Neil Patrick Harris

Something Borrowed


Ginnifer Goodwin
Kate Hudson
John Krasinski
Colin Egglesfield
Steve Howey
Ashley Williams

Have the urge to watch all this romance shows. HA, I'm sucha princess. -.-

So what's my plans today? Since it's raining now, then not intend to go out. Actually me, my mum and my sister and my mum's friend and her daughter is going out for swimming, heh I don't have the mood to go when my mum told me eh, then it rained! Lucky me. I can also kiss goodbye to my shopping already. :( It's okay, there are so many other days to like go shop eh. :) I've realized I shop a lot.... heh, money spender eh.

What I'm gonna do is talk to baby on the phone and watch my moviesssssssssssssssssss. I'm sure I am gonna gain some weight, I've been eating a whole lot. :(

Hmmmm life's pretty much bitch still... hate what happened E-V-E-R-Y-D-A-Y. But I've got my awesome boyfriend by my side, always supporting me and encouraging me about a lot of things. He's just my life, my partner, the one that I can't live without.

I know I know... I look hideous in that pink specs... but not bad eh. :)

As life goes on, I've learn a lot about it... and experienced a lot heart-breaks and stuffs. This are the obstacles in life that we couldn't ignore, and I believe God is watching us and giving us instructions and making us to be in "mistakes", so we can learn from it.
Although I'm pretty much of an impatient girl, but as long as your willing to do something, you will wait for it and get'em right? My life, it's super complicated... Did real bad stuffs, and met real cruel and bad people, also met real liars which can totally break my heart...

As we meet more people, we tend to get to know them and know more about human's characters. We may not know whether they are two-faced or not. But most importantly, you yourself... be YOURSELF. :) I've always got this in my mind, why would this world be so complicated? Why must there be fights, quarrels, thefts, robbery and a lot of other cruel stuffs like innocent people dying... Aren't we suppose to be in PEACE? I mean like, c'on people don't be such freaks why so paranoid and angry over little stuffs, and make a very big conflicts and fights(especially for couples, as they are extra sensitive)

Life can be a real bitch, and it can fucks us all. Everytime when I say to myself "Vanessa, you can do it, go for it" but.... I'd still failed in the end. And yes, relationships... I've been in quite a few relationships. The longest one was 1year+ going 2 year, but because of some private things... Don't wanna talk about it. Well, I hope Damien & I last for a very very long time, long life time(?) Hmmm maybe I'll hope and hope and wish and wish so that I could get that. haahahaha
I hate it when my mum blames me for nothing, and if she's wrong... she don't even fucken apologize, like hello? I am a human, I HATE FEELINGS YO!!!!! Sometimes, we even have the mother and daughter talk, super funny la. And yes, there is even one time both of us talk until cry, because I was super not behaving and I always go home about like midnight? Ok, can't believe I actually made her cry in front of me for the FIRST TIME.

I can really assure you, my life's ain't like a princess... Even though my mum say that she won't care about me, but deep down she is always caring for me. I've been spending a lot of money, and she didn't even care. Mum's always the best, dad's the best too. AHHHHH, but I love my daddy more. :3
I have really changed a lot, y'know my childish mind is in the past, and now I'm in the matured world... Heh, but there's one thing that I will act like a kid and settle things like a princess eh. IS THAT GIRLS FLIRTING WITH MY BOYFRIEND. Yes, I've experienced a lot of things like this, and I'm super fed up until I have gone real mad already.
Like seriously? If the girl have got a boyfriend, then she still flirts my boy. -.- Like too over limits eh. But if the girl only talk talk to my boy, I wouldn't mind because as long as it's not FLIRT.
I know, people will be saying that I'm too paranoid and over-sensitive. But which girlfriend will not be like this? I'm sure if other girls flirts your boyfriend, you will do the same way as me right? :)

Be it you like me or hate me. Haters to be hate, I'm happy to have a hater. Because you guys get me stronger and made me stand on my feet and say that "your words won't let me down". The more you care about what they insult and say about you, the more they will think it's fun and they will do it more to tear you down. I'm more of a stronger person, as I've been through heart-breaks and insults. I don't bother now, as long as I have my boyfriend and my best cliques by my side, I'm happy with it. Oh yep, and don't forget my lovely and adorable family!

I can never forget what you guys did so much special things to me(my family, boyfriend and friends la), I'm super lucky to have you guys around cheering for me and comforting me when I'm down and very lost.
Things just gets better and better each day, so I have to pray hard for my studies to go well too! I don't have to get like good grades like how the top students did, but my mum was lenient enough to let me just get all subjects a pass, and she's all happy. As for my sister, it's a little unfair... okai I would say, VERY UNFAIR for her cause she needs to score 70 and higher. Poor her yeah. :(

I know I have a very chubby cheeks, well people just LOVE to pinch it. heh

Got the angmoh feel? hehehehehe shy.

Although I don't have a perfect life, but I just need a normal life just like every teenagers, but I've got to have my own privacy eh. My mum's being a bitch looking at my messages between me and baby, she even said it out for me... :@ Okai now, FUCK MUMS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sorry though, too angry. I hate people looking at my messages, same goes to you people right? C'on, can't we have our own privacy and chit chat with our own friends and boyfriend?!?!!?? or girlfriend.
My mum sometimes, can even sit next to me and hear who I'm talking with on the phone, and I'll be like "Cool story mum, can you get out?!" It's like so weird, if you said something like "Baby, I love you forever" to your boyfriend/girlfriend, isn't it weird?
This is why I hate parents from doing this to us, she can even do much more crazy things, but she's still my mum and we are blood related, so I won't bother much and carry on with my life.

I'm happy to have my life like this, and I'm satisfied. I'm happy enough already, having a loving, adorable and caring family. A cute, caring my everything boyfriend and all my best cliques who are cheering me up and giving me a lot of courage to go do what I really wanna do.

Well, enough of talking and just some more little pictures before you guys go. I bet your tired of my face. HAHAHHAAHAHHAH laugh laugh laugh!

Alright, will stop here update again when I have the pictures and time! :) xoxo bye!