Wednesday, September 14, 2011

People never really leave; their roles just change.

Hey guys here to update yo, ha.
Sorry to not update during the first tiring day of school, a lot of things to do and was super busy with school and homeworks. Teacher is stressing us with the homeworks.... I mean like, c'mon we just got back from school and this is what we get, somemore also get back report book eh. Results not bad, satisfied with it... Thanks to baby uh! He helped me a lot. ♥ He seriously go around telling my teachers who teach me, saying that if I misbehave or anything, tell him. He's such a cute boy. Heh, I was like.... "THERE'S NOTHING THE TEACHERS CAN COMPLAIN ABOUT BECAUSE I'M WELL-BEHAVED" for the time being... Alright, will say about first day of school. :)

12 September 2011
Had assembly then baby walk me back to class for form teacher's period. Back in class, Ms Koh came in and gave us our reusable-water bottle that our class ordered, I ordered Pink, Black and Purple. HA, Mr Chen then came in with our result slips and he waited for us to settle down. We changed our sit to how we sat during Exams. Then he gave us back our result slips.

English: 22/40
Chinese: 63/100
Math: 10/40
Science: 27/40
Home Econs: 68/100
Art: 66/100

I'm not so sure about my results, but it should most probably be like this. Mr Chen then ask us to take out Organizer then talked to us. Yes, he told us why we need to sit accordingly to our index number, guess what he say? HAHAHAHHA he want us to get use to our "fengshui" sit, so that we won't complain that our End Of Year Examinations will fail or whatever shit, super funny. Then whole class started to like be in chaos after what Mr Chen said, tsk. He punished the people who didn't bring their organizer to write a 200words essay..
Recess with Jieying and my girls, went to look for baby then ChongZhe disiao us by saying "VP! VP!" Like seriously, vp don't even care about us being together liao.
Baby went counselling so he told me to meet him outside school gate, then we spend our time together and had heart2heart talks and got real moody again, thanks to my cheerful-ness ah, then we back to our mood again. heh, Head home around 5+, had to leave some things at home because bag was seriously fucken heavy, prepared myself then went back to HongWen!
Once I walked in to HongWen, saw XinMei, ChengMun and Michelle with Huang Lao Shi, talked to cher and she put her hand over my shoulder said I have grown taller. ;) Went to the library corner and Juniors come shouting my name and saying "Hello Vanessa!" how cute! Called Stacey and they said they were coming into school already. Saw Yanhan, talked to her and asked her things and went to look for Ginny, Evelyn and Natasha, chitchat with them and I walked to school's main gate. Mrs Lui was talking to her students then she suddenly come find me, said I look sweeter and have grown taller. (Y)
Went to find Stacey and the rest while they walked into school's compound we hand around the big space inbetween the canteen and general office.
Saw Mr dass and snap pictures with him and talked to him too.

Then lepak at roof top garden while Wenny, Constance and the boys puff. Brian and Felicia came up after that then the boys left to canteen and buy drinks.

Went to the hall to watch performance and saw a whole lot of teachers who taught me when I was in primary school days, talked to Ms Grace Koh. Saw Mrs Oh and Mrs Chiam then talked to them with Wenny, took pictures with them too. :)

Saw Mr Ten then went over with Wenny and Stacey, YongKiat came along after awhile then Mr Ten say Stacey is Yongkiat's wife, then I am Yongkiat's maid and Wenny's his grandmother lol. -.-
Walked down again to the Tables where we played Table Tennis, haha old times old times.. Group photos:

Bought tix at library and then went to canteen for food & drinks, only drank water... Went to school's backstage to find Olivia (Constance's sister) as Constance wanted to, but cher don't allow. -.- So we watched her performance instead. Went to backstage again to find her, but the teacher don't allow her to be with Constance, so we went up to third floor's platform near the toilet. While me, Stacey and Kianying was at the platform, the others went to puff at the other side all the way to the far end.

After that went to find Chen Lao Shi at the staff room, talked to her with Xinmei, Chengmun and Michelle. She had her second child in her stomach, hahaha very good at having and giving birth to children uh! heh. Got her number and left school. Stacey, Jones and some other people went the other way while Me, constance, wenny and the the 3 boys walked by the mrt way. Saw my sister and went back home with her, went to tuition then home at 9.30.

Okay, nothing to write anymore. Kthxbye enjoy school life and work hard for exams uh! Goodnight everyone! :) xo