Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Last Day of 2014!

Hello everyone. It's the last day of 2014 omg!!! Can't believe that time passed by so fast?! I really cannot wait when the clock hits 12AM later. Will be spending it with the people I love so I really can't wait. Hehe right now, I'm just spending some time with my mom and sister. And I'll head out at around 6 to meet my bf, the guys and my bbys <3 This is my last post of the year omg. Hahaha, hoping that everything will be better next year. Wishing everybody a Happy New Year's Eve/Happy New Year!! <3 I'll let the pictures do the talking.

Guess who came to my house with a bouquet of flowers? My bf hahaha. Stayed over at his house for a week but we were pretty busy in the morning till late afternoon cause of work. At least we spent time at night and had dinner. Felt so good to cuddle with him until we fall asleep. <3 Thank you baby for taking care of me and also for the great company.
daisy floral skater skirt sponsored by @bangmeowszx <3

HAHAHAHAHA went to the ntuc in the middle of the night and we bought toothbrush.

Ate ice cream then we walked back home.

grey knit sweater - @kittyondeck
tennis pleated skirt - @radknights
upon the stairs boots - @lovebutteredgun

Went back home to change and we headed to vivo for a movie.
We wore matching shorts hehehe.

top from @cupsofdaisies!!!

We didn't really take any photos on the week that I stayed over cause I really wanted to spend time with him. Haha can't wait for the next holiday!

thank you @lovebutteredgun for this floral cut-in dress!

Hahaha with ahma!

And here's the rest of the cousins. Went to long beach for Eileen's birthday dinner.

griddy boots from @kittyondeck <3

Headed to vivo after leaving town and did some window shopping.

Hahaha had a great time at the chalet and hahaha I shall just let the pictures do the talking. Wanna thank everyone for making my xmas eve a good one: My bf, Jeslin, Trexie, Joey,  Cassandra, Yita, Gabriel, Yangqin, Bryan, Hongyi, Mandu, Ruijie, Shaozheng and Zhijia.

It was just us 4, my bf, Mandu and Shaozheng at first, then slowly more people came!! Haha then the fun started.

Thank you Shaozheng and Mandu for bbq-ing the food.


Behind the scenes!!!

We went to the entrance to fetch Jeslin and she was in a very bad mood but I'm glad that we made her smile by insisting on carrying all her things hahaha. After she bathed, we had our own gift exchange/secret santa exchange haha whatever. And we were super loud and noisy and the guys were all crowding around and looking hahaha.
I love my secret santa hehe. Thank you trex <3
Joey was Trex's secret santa.
Trex was my secret santa.
Jeslin was Cass's secret santa.
Cass was Joey's secret santa.
And I am Jeslin's secret santa.

And then, the gift exchange with the guys. In the end trex got mine and I got hers :p
Joey taking away Mandu's present because she got the bigger number hahaha.

I got 11 so I could exchange my present with anyone but I didn't.

After the gift exchange, we sent cass to the bus stop :(


This is what happens if your phone ends up in shaozheng's hands.
So we waited for the guys to do their things and get some drinks from cheers. Me and Joey went to bbq hotdog and crabmeat. While Jeslin, Trex and Bryan slept in the room hahaha.

So yay the guys came back and we started hahaha. After awhile, I was damn suey when we played "heads up"(poker card version) and I keep getting the smallest or biggest card and I got a drunk hahaha. But my bf swapped a few cards with me so thank God, if not I would've been more drunk. Thank you baby <3

HAHAHA my poor bf needed to take care of me and apparently, I shouted at him and scolded him, oops. My bf said that the rest went out to continue drinking and Jeslin got drunk. And he also told me that me and Jes was crying and laughing together on the bed HAHAHA WTF. The guys gave up on taking care of us so Joe and Trex came in then we went to bathe while Jeslin is still lying on the bed. They helped me bathe also and they said I kept on saying that there was a goat in the toilet *laughing emoji*. 

So yep, the next morning we packed up and cabbed back home.

Dinner with trex the next day.

Christmas Day yayyyy!

We waited for the guys to play pool. And we went to catch hobbit. Then we went to eat taohuey!! Nothing much on Christmas this year :( But glad that I spent it with the people I love <3

Walked to little india mrt to catch the last train. Thank God we made it on time!

black marble origami romper sponsored by @vivendasg <3

dress sponsored by @radknights.

 Had dinner with my grandma, grandpa and my cousins at mbs.
our couple wear sponsored by @localismsg!! go check them out!!

mesh panel bodycon dress sponsored by @bangmeowszx. show them some love <3
Went to Star Vista to eat dessert with the bf and a last min dinner at Nando's with his mom too.

Alright. That's all for today. Have fun during your countdown and I wish everyone all the best. Happy New Year's Eve/Happy New Year! :)