Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Advert: Francis and Jean // Staycation: Equarius Hotel | Ocean Suite

Hello everyone. I'm here to update about my trip to Francis and Jean. Hahaha most of you know that my hair is naturally brown, and I have never done anything to my hair before so I decided to do something to it this time. It's not much of a difference but I'll explain later on.
(both images above are taken from: http://www.francisandjean.com.sg/)

Once I stepped into the salon, the staff there gave me a cup of tea while I decide on what I wanna do with my hair/while I waited. They're all super friendly. So.... I decided to go with a lighter shade of brown(lighter than my natural hair colour), I wanted to do dip-dyeing but... my school reopens in a month and my course is super strict on hair so I just decided to go with something simple this time round.
Thank you for accompanying me for that 2-3 hours. <3

So after the long wait, Ken finally washed my hair and it felt super good and refreshing, I almost fell asleep but he woke me up hahaha. I really trusted Ken with my hair cause I know that I'll be in good hands!!
Oh, and do you know that Francis and Jean also provide spa, massage and manicure services too. 

Thank you Ken for doing his magic on my hair. Really loving my new hair colour now!!

HAHAHA this was before!!

And now the after pictures!!!
If you want to colour and bleach you hair, head on down to Francis and Jean now, and also, quote "Vanessa" to enjoy the promotion at only $100!!

Thank you Francis and Jean!! :)

Francis and Jean Hair Salon:

Far East Plaza #05-08/#04-17

Tel: +65 6333 8942 | +65 6333 8932

Ikea with my fav <3
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Staycation at Equarius Hotel!!!! I'll just let the pictures do the talking. :)
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Anyway, I have also posted up a new video on my channel:

HAHAHA too lazy to straighten the picture.

That's all for today's update!!! Hahaha nothing much to talk about so stay tune to the next post. :)