Saturday, December 27, 2014


Hello everybody!! I'm back hahaha finally. Have been spending a lot of time with my bf and my friends and I didn't have any time to blog so I just decided to give myself a short break. Hahaha but I am back now. Hoping that everyone had a good time during Christmas. I really can't wait for countdown, and I am crossing my fingers that 2015 will be a better year. And after countdown, I'll be looking forward to celebrate CNY yay!!! Alright. I'll just let the pictures do most of the talking.
This post won't be so wordy so.... :( Sorry if I bore you out but picture speaks a thousand words right? :)
Dress sponsored by @radknights <3

Miss my baybeh so badly :( You're always so busy with work now.

HUF top from @loudncrayy <3

Thank you @dreamygirl_shoppp for this Black Asymmetrical Jersey Dress!

Crotchet Bralet(white) in c/o @lovebutteredgun.

I am so lucky!!!! :((((

Shorts sponsored by @mestuffx!

Lunch with Jeslin.

Tennis Pleated Skirt, thank you @radknights. <3

Mesh Panel Sleeve Top from @bangmeowszx <3

thank you @lightningcherry for this cliff world tie-dye shirt!!

Happy boy because I got him his gaming headset.

Went to surprise trex at her school because she wasn't feeling okay. Hehe we were like trying to get her attention from the back of her class door hahahaha.
Really glad that she liked the mini surprise hehe.

"I'm actually a mermaid" t-shirt sponsored by @mestuffx.

Yay beach day with my fav girl <3 (Ahhhh this was on 13nov, 2 weeks back omg I have to blog tmr again!!)
It started pouring :((((

HAHAH we took tons of selfies!
This is Natasha, she's from Venice hahaha. She came over and asked for a selfie cause Jes and I were taking tons of selfies in the pool and she said that we look cute. She's cute too!!! ;)

That's her boyfriend. He's from Sweden hahaha. We wanted to ask if he knows pewdiepie or something.
I loveeeee the dj omg!!!

MESSY HAIRRRRRR. Continued playing in the pool despite the heavy rain hahaha. 

Went back to vivo after bathing and we had ajisen for dinner. Then we went to eat dessert. 
 Great day & great company. <3 I love you so much bby!!!

And thank you for reading everyone!! Will be back again to update. Hehe really can't wait to update about xmas!