Tuesday, January 6, 2015


I know that this is late but happy 2015 yay!!! But the sad thing is that school is starting next Monday omg... :( So not ready for school + my body clock is screwed. The only thing that I'm happy about is my timetable, crossing my fingers and hoping it doesn't change!!! 
Okay, I should continue with my updates. 

Went to meet my bf at dhoby first and then the rest came one by one... Something happened and I wasn't feeling too good so Jes rushed down to accompany me and cheer me up. Trex rushed down after meeting her friends too. Thank you bbys <3 Didn't really end my 2014 happily. But I'm glad that it got better when the clock strikes 12MN... Okay so, the girls waited for the guys to play pool. The guys went to eat korean and we ate sushi instead cause there wasn't even enough space in the shop.
Basic Offshoulder top(pink) sponsored by @bangmeowszx <3

Went to starbucks to chill after dinner and all of us(me, trex, jes, joe, my bf, yangqin, zhuqi, zhenjie, gab & yita) waited for ruijie to come (bryan left to meet his friend after that). So the guys decided that we go to esplanade instead of marina barrage. And when we got there...... everywhere was closed/barricaded. In the end, we went to somewhere near the padang. Should've just went to mbs area :( But it's okay, at least we could see the fireworks clearly yay.
Ahhhh omg the fireworks was so pretty!!!

All of us walked all the way to clarke quay after that, then all of the girls went to Jeslin's house to stay over. Hahaha we told lala that we were hungry and she gave us snacks!!

We just kinda chilled and took turns to bathe. And we ordered mac. Yita and Gab came at around 3+/4am?? And we watched The Interview. Jes was already asleep. Then I fell asleep. 
Yay food finally came after an hour. Trex, Joe, Gab and I talked while Jes and Yita was still asleep hahaha. I think I fell asleep at 6am while listening to them talk hahaha.

Woke up around 11am and we all went back to sleep at 1pm again and woke up at 4 then we finally left Jeslin's house. HAHAHAHA I swear, we eat sleep and repeat sia!!! #pig

Went to my bf's house and I just slept till 8 and we went to eat dinner. We just spent our new year watching videos and talking.
Walked to 7/11 at 3am in the morning to get ice cream cause I couldn't sleep hahaha.

Polaroids taken on new year <3

cropped off-shoulder mini lace top in c/o @teaforthree.sg!

Always love spending my time with this one <3


We wanted to take picture at the photobooth but it was under maintenance. :( So we just went to see all the artworks. 

Flying fruits!!! Damn freaking cool omg.

Went to steakout to look for yita at work. We only wanted to eat cake but ended up eating onion rings and fries too hahaha. Cass finally reached and she came to find us yay!
Jeslin trying to cool down her phone hahaha.

Shared kimchi ramen with Jeslin cause we were super full.


 Cass had to go home so we said our goodbyes and hug haha. And when we were going down the escalator, we blindfolded trex(it was her birthday on the 3rd). It was definitely a mission to put the blindfold on her cause she keeps wanting to take it out hahaha. 

It was super hard for trex to walk to Joey piggyback her hahaha.

Finally got on the bus and trex fell asleep hahahah wtf.

HAHAHA brought her to go on the gmax because during countdown she said that she really wanted to go on it. We wanted to go on the swing one but it was under maintenance so we got on the reverse bungee instead.
Confirm falling asleep in the picture HAHAHA. (Sorry trex, don't kill me)

So trex and joe went on it first and before she got on it, joe removed her blindfold and she was just like "wtf" hahahaha. 

And then it was Jes and my turn..... HAHAHAHA the workers over there said that I look like korean *laughing emoji* 
They were checking out my phone cover and taking selfies HAHAHAHA.

And up we goooooo hahahahaha. The worker there was super nice okay omg(can't tell why cause she asked us not to haha), and when I came down, they kept asking me if I know how to speak korean etc. LOL! 
Oh, and I watched the video of all 4 of us on the gmax ride. HAHAHAHAHAHA fking funny omg. Don't wanna upload it because it's super unglam. Like all of us look freaking crazy HAHA.

 Went to some bar and we drank before we left clarke quay.
Group photossss <3 Love y'all so much omg, you girls have no idea how much I love all of you <3 Can't wait for next week, xoxo!

Spent my monday evening with the bf again!!! <3
 That's all for today all of you! Hehe have a great year ahead. <3 I will update very soon again!! Thanks for reading.