Friday, December 5, 2014

!!!Birthday Update!!!

Hi everyone!!! Will be updating about my birthday. I am so soo sooo grateful for all my friends who surprised me, and also to all the people who wished me a happy birthday. Thank you everyone <3

Met trex to accompany her to study. To the 3 of my precious gems, press on okay, and all the best for your test/exam papers. <3 You girls can do this!!!
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Finally tried llao llao omg!!! It's damn good!?!??!!?

Jeslin came to meet us for awhile cause she had to wait for her friend.


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So 2 days before my birthday, on the 23rd, my girls surprised me and Cassandra, they tricked Cass into thinking that the surprise was only for me but since our birthday is just 1 week apart?!?! They created another group on whatsapp and planned to surprise the both of us hahaha. 

I was waiting for trex at the platform at tamp, she said that she was at bedok a few mins ago and when I tapped out to wait for her, she said that she already tapped out?!?!?! HAHAHA and I was suspecting that something was on. After cass arrived, trex called Jeslin(she told us that she had working on that day but in the end, she didn't turn up for work) and told me that she's at tamp already. So we walked around tamp mall and trex was just acting. When we walk to this corner in the picture below, Joe and Jes popped out and surprised us hahaha.

They gave us a small little card at first and it was our sec 2 picture, a super embarrassing photo... *laughing emoji*
After the "troll" present, Jes passed us something else. A big cardboard with pictures & short little messages on it. ANDDDDDDDD, when I opened the h&m plastic bag, it was this dress in the picture below that I really wanted the day before when I went out with trex, and it's freaking $60?!?!?!
I was super happy and freaked out a little hahaha. We were screaming and laughing so hard, all the passerby were giving us the weird stares & all.

Hahah we went to starbucks to sit down for a little while and they told us about what happened when they were preparing everything. We laughed super hard hahaha and the guy behind us was covering his ear and he had earpiece on WTF HAHAHAHAHA. Hilarious moment and we all had a good laugh. #goodtimes

Went to the roof top at tamp one to chill and take pictures & polaroid hehe. 

Went to eat at the food court and walked around after that.
!!!!hehehe secret santa!!!!
Oh and I can't wait for our xmas chalet omfggggg

The best people <3

I look like shit and super pale in this picture hahaha but thank you bby for planning this with Gracia. Coming all the way to my school to surprise me with fruit cake & the tote bag that you made yourself <3 Hahaha Cass and Jes was suppose to come on the 25th but they found out that I was skipping my afternoon lesson :p I love you bbygirl <333

On the 25th of November!!!!
I was super late for class hahaha but I couldn't be bothered cause we were all done with all of our assignments(yayyy!!), and when I was about to open the door to go in the class, Afiqah wouldn't let me go in..... Hahaha but when I went in, the whole class sang me a birthday song. #blessed And thank you to my favs for the cake and the super big and pink "17" balloon.
#wehadnoplates hahaha

Cool kidzzz <3

HAHAHA super bigggggg hug from Atiqa <3

My darling eun eun and Joyce was outside my class and they came to pass me this awww <3 HAHAHA they wanna make me fatttttttt.

More group picturessssss!!!
Hahaha I had a hard time on the bus and the train.........

Dinner at Tim Ho Wan!!!!! Finally got to eat my fav paoooooo.

Hahaha my mom was taking my seat........

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Ahgong!!! <3
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Thank for reading everyone. Hahaha really looking forward to the rest of the month. Can't wait to update my blog about my trip down to Francis and Jean!! Alright, that's all for today, I'll see you guys soon again. :)