Friday, November 28, 2014

Paradise Awaits

Hello everyone!! It's the last day of november hahaha, November wasn't that bad... Let's just hope that December will be better. :) But yay, my holiday will officially start after my paper on the 3rd hehehe. I am really looking forward to December and hoping that the xmas chalet with my bbys and the guys will happen hahaha.

Even though I have already met Jenn and Steph, I still had to pass them the gifts & cards so I went to the meet and greet with Gracia, wanna thank Jewel for letting me cut the queue hahaha and buying me hash brown!! Ok I should just let the pictures do the talking.
And I also met Willabelle *heart eyes*

I really think that Singapore don't know how to organize a proper meet & greet cause the m&g was kinda chaotic??? Hahaha.

So the 4 of us, Gracia, Jewel & her friend and I decided to just go up to the hotel lobby to wait for them. And when me and Gracia decided to see if the meet & greet was over...... The lift door opened and there they are(Jenn & Steph) saying their last goodbyes to everyone. And they were in the same lift as us!!!! OMFG@$%^&*(&^%$#
The security said to us that this is a very good privilege hahaha. And there was this awkward silence, then I said "I love you" to Jenn and everyone in the lift kinda laughed. Steph said "She's just like us huh? All badass" "She can be in our gremlin clan" and Jenn said "Yeah she's like our little gremlin" AND I DIED A LITTLE BIT INSIDE OMFGGGGG. I know that they were tired so I didn't ask for another selfie, it would be rude too...

Digital Fashion Week
Wanna thank Charina, the business development director of DFW for the tickets to Thomas Wee's show. :)
Hehe our first ever fashion show!!

With Zhiqing and her friends who also went to the airport to fetch Jourdan.

Me and Jes went out to get drinks hahaha.

And it finally started!!! Jourdan looks stunning, as usual. <3

Went to take a few pictures & polaroid with Jourdan again and when I was chatting with her, she told me that she watched my YouTube video, the one with Damien... I WAS SCREAMING & FREAKING OUT OMG and I couldn't breathe properly and she asked me to take 2 deep breaths with her hehe she's the cutest <3 She was also telling me to never stop in whatever that I am doing now, ahhh her encouragement makes me want to work even harder!! I love you so much Jourdan. <3

Met Jenn and Stephanie again!! They look so gorgeous. Hahaha Steph remembered me & Jenn told me that I looked familiar. Ahhhh I am so lucky to meet all of them, thank you November!!! <3

Short meet up with Jeslin at town while I shop for my sister's present.

The loafer's checkered top sponsored by @dmajestique. <3

Went home and celebrated my sister's birthday(2nd Nov).
My mOM looks super cute here?! IDK WHY HAHAHA.

All the accessories that I am wearing is sponsored by @hollymolly56(on instagram). You can also purchase from their carousell - 'hollymolly'. Xoxo <3

Oliana Tough Barbie Romper sponsored by @ellysage.

Went to kallang wave mall to meet up with my bf and his friends for dinner. Hahaha just ate at food court and after that, we just walked around.

Dinner at tamp with my 2 favs that I have not met in a longgg time :(
'fat and ugly and sad' t-shirt sponsored by @kittyondeck. <3

It was a great night with the both of them, just love being around these girls because they make me happy and get my mind off things. <3 I love you girls!!!

Moda Shredded Pullover top(grey) sponsored by @welovefleamarkets. <3

Study date with Trex!!! <3 Hahaha actually, she studied, I just watched my shows. Settled down at smoothie king. And we had sushi for lunch!! Hehe my comfort food and we went to ion sky, the view was so breathtaking omg. Wanna thank my babygirl because she knew that I wasn't feeling okay and she just did whatever that I wanted to do and it really took my mind off things. And also, thank you bby, for the small little note that you gave me, you always know how to make me smile. <3
Babydoll Offshoulder Top(white) sponsored by @bangmeowszx!!

So breathtaking right?!?!?!?

Love you <3

I wanna thank Daniel Wellington for this Classic Southampton Lady Rose Gold watch, hehe I can't leave my house without this watch now. It's the first ever watch that I have worn for so long. I am in love with it!!

Dressing up for our lifeskills.

Hana Tulip Wrapped Skirt sponsored by @ellysage.

Met up with Jeslin and we went to tp to find Cass cause they had this event there. And we got henna, yay!!! And cass's tiger henna looks super cool?!?!

Went to take our ootd and trex joined us shortly. Joe was waiting in the queue at the sushi place.
Finally the 5 of us reunited. We didn't take a nicer selfie though... :( Credits to trex for editing this hahaha.

Daisy Cutout Bustier Skater Dress sponsored by @welovefleamarkets.

Sushi with my baybeh <3 HAHAHAHA I keep eating sushi omg??!?!?!?

Met my bf for awhile and Trex, Cass, Songye & Bryan came to meet us.
Crochet kimono sponsored by @kittyondeck <3

*heart eyes*
We're growing stronger and stronger baby <3

Soooo my bf went to meet the guys cause they wanted to eat korean bbq. And the rest of us went to Supply and Demand for Songye's birthday dinner.
Their pizza is super gooooood!!!

I will definitely come back again cause everything that I ordered was so good!

Checkered bustier(pink) sponsored by @bangmeowszx.

Went to Clarke Quay's starbucks with Gracia to finish up our final touches for our project.

After finishing our work(like finally), we headed down to dhoby to print our posters and dvd cover. I swear to god, the service at Colour Vizio is super bad omg the people there have serious attitude problem.

And we had dinner at Astons, and had h2h talk hahaha.

That's all for today everyone!! I'm sorry for the super long update and the amount of pictures that I have uploaded in this blogpost. :((( I love every single one of my readers, thank you for the support y'all. <3