Wednesday, November 5, 2014


Hi everyone!! I am finally updating my blog after 2 weeks. Did you miss me? I neglected blogger... Hahaha I shouldn't say much. Just got back from dinner with my boyfriend and I also finally watched episode 1-5 of the vampire diaries. Can't wait for the next episode to be out man.
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I saw this at nex?!?! Omg

Celebrated Amsyar's birthday hahaha we surprised him with cake and balloons. Happy belated birthday Amsyar ;)

Cruising at mbs area with trex hahahaha. It was a very impromptu meet up to cruise HAHAHA
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We were craving for satay so we cruised all the way to satay by the bay to get some, settled down somewhere else where it was sheltered cause it was super hot there... mmmMmmmmm!!!

Visited Meomi Cat Cafe at haji lane. We paid $11 w/ a complimentary drink for 1 hour to play with the cats. The cats there are not very friendly though... :/ So our money was kinda wasted. Went to visit The Cat Cafe at bugis and it was so much more better but there were a lot of people so we went to pastamania to have our early dinner.

Went to the USS Halloween Horror Nights 4 on the 10th October and this time, without my boyfriend and with my class/course mates. HAHAHA girl power because it's just us girls with no boys around. Met Jobie at around 5 to eat before we went in and we slowly waited for the others to come. The queue was super long in the first place but they opened up the other gates so that we could queue at the other lines. There were not a lot of people on that day though, not as much as I expected.
So here are the girls!!! Jobie, Atiqa, Joyce, Priscilla and Mei Ping.

We reached there at 6.40 or so and queued till 7.15, and this guy was alone cause he didn't want to be with his sister cause it was "all girls", he asked if he could join us or not and we said yeah. We didn't get to know his name though hahaha he didn't tell us and he thought that Atiqa was a guy lmao!!

Finally!!! After the long wait we finally got inside. We weren't in the front so we couldn't get a clearer view of the opening show but it's okay hahaha(went to hhn3 last year and we were all the way infront). We waited another 15mins for the opening show to start so that kinda sucks :(((
After they let us in, I grabbed Jobie and Mei Ping's hand and just ran for it because everybody was chionging hahaha.

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Our first stop was Jack's 3-Dementia. We waited in the queue for around 5mins. I am not a fan of clowns but I am not scared of them so overall it was okay. I love the part where you have to walk alone through this bridge thingy and you feel like the whole room is turning and you're turning too. The slower you walk, the more dizzy you get hahaha. I rate this house a 3.5/5.

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We slowly walked to Jing's Revenge after that, the queue was 15mins only. Wasn't that bad but I was sweating like mad, we all were hahaha. Jing's revenge was quite scary?!?! Haha I have this weird thing that someone's hand must be over my shoulders to cover my neck cause my neck is kinda sensitive??? I don't even know why hahaha when I sleep, I have to cover my neck with a small pillow too. *laughing emoji* Oh and, I rate this house a 4/5.

We then decided to queue for the transformers ride cause the waiting time is only 5 minutes. Our plan when we were waiting is that we go for all the rides first then go to the other two haunted house after that.
Me and my pink horns ;)

Canyon of the Cursed was my favourite scare zone!!! We also went on the mummy ride and we did this super man + serious face pose when the picture was taken hahaha it's damn funny but I didn't have the chance to take the photo without the person noticing :(

The red riding hood is super pretty omg?!?!?!?! And I saw Bryan, Gabriel, Ruijie, Hongyi and the rest of the guys. I was taking the picture with the red riding hood then I heard someone shouting my name hahaha.

We walked all the way back to the Jing's Revenge area and watched this show, it was quite cool. Hahaha all the stunt performers are crazy!!!?!!!

Then we went to the Bogeyman scare zone, it's sort of like a scare zone + haunted house??? It wasn't as scary as Jing's Revenge but the scarecrow scared the hell out of me HAHAHAHA

Got on the teacup ride then all of us went to Mel's Drive In to eat. I was too tired to even eat, had no appetite at all :( Joyce told me that he saw Damien so I called him and he came to look for me hehe(he's working there), it felt so good to see him even though it was just 3 minutes only cause he have to get back to work.

Wanted to go to The L.A.B but the queue was super long so we got out of it and went to watch the Jack's Nightmare Circus and I loved it?! Especially that skaters part hahaha.
There was a lot of spinning hahaha.

After the show, we headed to Canopy Flyer, it's my second time going on it because everytime I go to USS, the queue is always super longggggg. Priscilla and Mei Ping went home after the show cause Mei Ping wasn't feeling well. :/

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I really really realllllly hate anything related to aliens. I was just shouting "EW! EW!!!" throughout the whole haunted house cause everything was so disgusting but it's not even scary at all? I just find it super disgusting hahahah. I rate the house 4.5/5 because I just hate aliens....?

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And we went to our last haunted house yayyyy. Mati Camp was the scariest for me. When we were queueing the worker there let Atiqa and Joyce walk in first and she stopped me and Jobie T_T, we were like shouting their name but they couldn't hear us so the worker there asked "Oh, they're your friends?" and we nodded. She let us in then we ran to catch up with them cause we were super scared HAHAHA.
Mati Camp was the haunted house which didn't disappoint me cause it was really super scary hahaha. I had a good scream. Poor Jobie, her ears must have hurt really bad cause of my scream *laughing emoji*. I rate the house 5.5/5.

It was almost 1am, we walked to Enchanted Airway and hoping that it's still open and we got on the ride for 2 times hahahaha. Something funny happened the second time and all of us had a good laugh. I think it was super late already + we're all super tired so everything is just super funny to us. Tried to rush for the last mummy ride but we ran the wrong way :((((( So we just decided to leave uss, but before we left, we took picture with the evil minister.
The queue at RWS taxi stand was super long so we had to walk out to vivo and flag a cab over there. It felt super good after I got on the cab, and it only took me 10mins to reach home. WHAT?!?!?! KO-ed on my bed after I washed myself up hahaha. I had a lot of fun at the hhn4?! Hahaha can't wait for next year's halloween.

That's all for today y'all. I can't wait to update again omg, I miss this space so badly :( So sorry for the late post by the way. Hope that you've enjoyed this blogpost. Good night! <3