Monday, November 10, 2014

I miss the taste of a sweeter life.

Hi everyone. Haven't been in a very good mood for the past few days but I hope I'll be okay soon. So many things are happening?! But I am so glad to have all my girls by my side and telling me that things will get better. I can't thank them enough for always sticking with me by my side till the end. <3 Alright hahaha time to blog about happy memories yay!!! I should turn my frown upside down.

Out with the bestest best friend <3

My dearest euneun <3 HAHAHA

HHN4 on the 17 of October with my babygirls & SongYe. Hehehe we met up and had early dinner at The Soup Spoon and we rushed in because we were late already. :(

The queue was super long on that day omg?!?! There were much more people on the 17th compared to the day when I went, on the 10th. Soooo long queue calls for lotsa selfies hahaha.
Just look at SongYe hahaha not giving a single fuck.

So yay we finally got in but we still needed to wait for the opening act... :/

So this was our plan:
- The L.A.B. (5mins wait)
-Mati Camp(15mins wait)
- Jing's Revenge(30mins wait)
- Bogeyman(15mins wait)
- Jack's 3-Dementia(40mins wait)
And, we finished everything by 10.40 HAHAHA. I was expecting us to stay there until 1.30am or something omg.

So after going to The L.A.B., I saw Elfian!! The best secondary classmate that I'll ever have. Both of us screamed and jumped when we saw each other hahaha took a selfie with him but we weren't facing the light so the picture turned out to be super dark... Omg I miss all of my classmates now :(
I look super sweaty and tired HAHA.

Thank you all for the memorable hhn4 ;) HAHAHA it's scarier when I went there the second time though??? Maybe it's because of Trexie's scream, she made me scream a lot of times hahaha. All of us rushed for the last train/bus. It was a memorable day hehehe, I get to get scared by the scare actors with my fav people :') <3

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Dinner at gracia mom's shop and she zombified my face after dinner ;)

Ta-daaaaaaa! I'll be your worst nightmare... BOO! Hahaha so sad that halloween is over but I can't wait for next year's! :)

That's all for today!! :) Have a great day ahead everybody, I'm so sorry that my blog is full of pictures now and that I am boring you out haha. I'll update again so stay tuned to my next post. ;)

Sigh... I really want things to be back to normal but you broke my trust for you, how can I trust you again?