Wednesday, November 26, 2014

The Heart Wants What It Wants

Hi everyone. Everything is back to normal now and it's better than ever. :) Hahaha have been so busy with my school work that I didn't have the time to blog. But yayyy, I have finally submitted all the assignments & project that I have done(haha my dateline was on Monday). I feel so relieved now.  I have so many draft in my blogger and every draft has tons of pictures in it hahaha. Yesterday was my birthday too!! Hahaha thank you to everyone who wished me. <3 And I am really blessed to have my girls and my bunch of really good friends who surprised me, thankful to have all of you in my life <333 (OH AND YES, I have finally updated my blog header!!)
Alright, I shall continue with my updates...

Went to the beach with my fav girl a few weeks back, we wanted to just chill by the beach but ended up at Mambo beach club hahaha. So yeah we just chilled in the pool, take selfies, drank our juice, take more selfies and just talk hahaha.

Navy Floral Flutter Top sponsored by @bangmeowszx <3

Dinner with my favs <3

Dinner at Long Beach with my fam.
Chilli crab!!! MY FAVVVV <3

Went to the airport to fetch Jourdan Miller. She came to Singapore for Digital Fashion Week. Wanna thank jes so much for accompanying me cause she don't want me to wait alone with other fangirls hahaha. I was so starstuck-ed when I met her, she's so down to earth and gorgeous. My heart was pounding so hard when I was talking to her omg #dreamcomtrue.
She's so humble and super nice :((( Despite being jetlag after flying for 2 days, she still stayed awhile, chatted & took selfies with us. Still remember her speech before she left.. 
"No, don't be too excited and cry, whatever you're feeling right now, I'm feeling it too. Trust me. I'm a normal human being just like you, just that I got famous, I'm still the old me. Remember, if you ever become famous next time, treat everybody with kindness. Even to the people you hate."
I love her so much omg!!! Jes and I were fangirling on the cab, and after she dropped at her place, the driver asked me who it was at the airport etc. HAHAHA and he asked if it was Tyra Banks.

We're the Furballs with Gracia and Jobie. Hahaha
*lick lick*

qtpie omgggg hahahaha

You're my fav <3

We rushed down to Hotel Jen after we found out that Jenn and Steph were at a press conference there. Hehehe went there to see if I'll bump into Jourdan too :p

Back to basics top in blue sponsored by @dmajestique <3


After meeting Jenn, I bumped into Jourdan!!!!! <33333 Hahah she told Sheena Liam(AsNTM Cycle 2 Winner) about me and Jes!! And after this photo was taken, she said that we're like besties now... OMG AND I FREAKED OUT T_T!!! I love her so much <3
Even gracia said that we're like best friends cause of the way that we talked to each other.

I look so short hahaha but... I am in between two top models omg.

Alright that's all for today!!! I've so many things to update about omg I'll just try to do a picture update. I'm so sorry for not blogging for a longgggg longggg longgg time but now that I have more time to blog, I will update more often. :)