Monday, October 20, 2014

Playing With Fire

Hello everybodyyyyyy! I was planning to update this space yesterday but I was already lying on my bed then I got lazy and didn't on my laptop oops... How are all of you?! I can't wait to update about my halloween night at USS hahaha I didn't take a lot of photos though. Am also in the midst of editing my new blog header hahah my current one have got to go because that picture was taken so long ago!!

Went to strictly pancakes with trex few weeks back and oh my gosh, the pancakes there are really really super good!?!? HAHAHA oh and I haven't even tried llao llao yet because the queue is always so long :((( Ok I shall let the pictures do the talking!!
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Trex waited quite long for hers and she got a 10% discount.

We decided to head to bugis after that cause there wasn't much to do at dhoby hahaha really hate going to bugis now cause I'll always buy something there every single time I'm there. :(

This are all photos from my vp2 shoot :) I'm glad that it's now all over. We just have to do editing of the video and poster etc.!
Gracia writing down the script lines on my laptop so that things are easier for our actress.

We couldn't order online/by call so me and Gracia had to go to ccp to buy mac for lunch. Luckily for us, Danial and Mubarak ran over to help us carry all of it back hahaha.


Went to meet my bbys after school at vivo and the two pictures below are not the only ones we took. We asked so many passer by to take a picture for us(probably around 10) just to get the perfect picture where all three of us look good. #confession
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We ended up taking selfies and posting the selfie pictures instead... HAHAHA

Went to Swensen's for dinner and the restaurant in Vivo is hella expensive omg. But at least there is a salad buffet bar for each main dish that we order. I shall let the pictures do the talking ;)

We ordered the chocolate fondue too cause why not, hahaha our stomach will always have space for some dessert.

Hahaha always taking lots of selfie when we're out. Impromptu meet up with my baybeh after work for dinner hahaha I'll never get sick and tired of this crazy bitch who is full of nonsense and love for me hahaha. I love you baybeh <3

She also got a new fisheye lens hahaha. Can you see how clearer our picture is now???

Guess who came all the way to my work place to find me?! Hahaha my dearest bby trex, I was expecting to meet her somewhere but when I called her, she said that she was already in mbs?!?! Hahaha we wanted to watch The Babadook & sneak mac into the cinema and we tried to rush for the movie but it was sold out when we were at Marina Bay :( So we kinda rushed for nothing hahaha. Ended up watching Dracula, and we had pasta mania. And I think we ordered too much. We were only left with 10min to eat so we decided to take away and sneak our pizza in hahaha. Dracula was good hahaha I enjoyed it.
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This is the only nice selfie that we took :(

That's all for today everyone! Hahaha woke up this morning, prepared for school... I was late and I texted Jobie that I wasn't heading to school anymore cause I didn't want to rush to school. OMG I NEED TO STOP BEING SO LAZY!!! Hehe really can't wait to update about my halloween. Good night everybody, I'm gonna watch Once Upon A Time, The Walking Dead and Brooklyn Nine Nine now gahhhh all the new eps are out! Good bye. <3