Saturday, October 4, 2014

Updates + Tianjin Trip Day 1 & 2

Hello everybody. Oh gosh, it's been so long since I have been on this space. All of you should know that I went on a trip to tianjin/beijing with my school last week. And I am super busy with my project & all the filming that's why I didn't have the time to blog at all :( Am so sorry for that!! But I am finally done with all my filming right now so yayyyy! Hahaha I have quite a lot of pictures to be posted up on this space and I can't wait to tell you guys about everything. But I shall just start with a short update before I talk about my trip hehe.

I was gonna surprise Yita for his birthday with the rest but I had to stay back in school to do all my paper work and I ended up meeting them at 8+, once I met them, they had a last min plan to go to sentosa and get on the luge hahaha. It was super scary cause it was at night and it reminded me of the movie, "Frozen" hahaha not the cartoon one but the one that 3 person got stuck on the ski lift... HAHA

On Sunday the 21st, I had to be at the airport at 11pm so my boyfriend met up with me and we went to the airport earlier to eat dinner together. Hahaha introduced him to my course mates then he left :((( I hugged him so tight that he couldn't breathe... Alright, so it was a 6 hours flight to tianjin and we checked in at 11pm and walked around inside. The plane departed at 1.30am.

So this was the supper on the plane which was not that bad(cause I was hungry hahaha), I did not slept well on the plane because it was so uncomfortable. I only had 3 hours of sleep though :(

The guys got cigarette hahaha, the packaging look abit like chocolate.

Hehehe let me introduce you Cindy, Danish, Faiz, Azrin & Fendy! :)

My eyes are smaller than usual because I only had 3 hours of sleep hahahah.

After walking around the food street, we went to eat lunch which was not so bad, this picture only shows half of what we ate.

We got on our bus and headed to jing yuan, we were all super tired and didn't have the mood to walk around there. Hahaha we just sat on the chairs and tried to sleep.

After that, we went to binjiang dao shopping street but me and Cindy were already super tired and didn't have the mood to walk :( Oh and we can see police officers everywhereeeeee, the traffic there is super bad too :/
GAHHHHH I'm craving for this churros again!!

Dinner was so much better than lunch but our first day there wasn't so good cause after the flight, we straight away started our tour, we were just super tired. And it rained right after we left the dinner place WHEN WE'RE GONNA HEAD TO OUR HOTEL TO CHECK IN :((((

We finally got to our hotel and checked in(we stayed in Holiday Inn Express), after we cleaned ourselves up and showered, I just straight away went to bed. 

We went to eco city the next morning(Singapore and Tianjin worked together on this thing, if I'm not wrong), nothing much there but it was so much more colder hehehe. But we were all still tired hahaha
Top: @sixksixksixk
Ripped jeans: Bugis Street
Cardigan: @welovefleamarkets
Boots: @shopgalaxified

Went for lunch after that then we headed to cultural street. This place was more dangerous because of all the pick pockets. Someone grind his hand on Faiz's pocket area and tried to steal something... HAHAHA the guys were doing a great job in protecting me and Cindy.

Took the tour bus back to our hotel to rest before heading out for dinner. After dinner, all of us decided to go to the shopping district to walk around. Sadly, the shops there closes super early like at 9, and I didn't get to shop in h&m :((((
That's all for now!! I will update again on my next few days soon. If you still got time, watch my vlog that I finally uploaded hehehe. Hope that you'll like it and good night!! :)

Xoxo <3