Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Heart On Fire | Tianjin Trip Day 3 & 4

Hello everyone hahaha back with another update! I arrived back in Singapore during the 27th, in the afternoon and as soon as I got back, I was already sweating like mad. Hahaha Damien came to fetch me and also accompanied me to dhoby to meet trex after I dropped off my luggage at home. Me and trex decided to watch 'A Walk Among The Tombstones', it was mehhh hahaha...

We ate sushi after the movie yayyyy my fav!!

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Met up with the boyfriend again!!!!!!!!!!! Hahaha

Damien: *wears my cardigan* Wah your cardigan very vogue ah
Me: Ya I know, give me back now

-Tianjin Trip-
Click below for day 1 & 2
The very next day, we went to visit some college and it was hella big omg, and there are a lot of places to take ootd HAHAHA.
Their classroom looks super cozy!!!

Looks super grand right? Hahaha

We walked to the field and did some activities with the students there and they're all so athletic & stuff. Most of the guys went ahead to play soccer and the rest of us played skipping rope...

After eating lunch in the school, we stayed for a little while and explored their school. Then we headed to Tianjin Museum. We were all very tired and wasn't very interested... Okay, we were only interested in the first place that we went to in the museum but the rest of it, we were just sitting outside the exit and taking a nap.
The guys were talking about how this museum will come alive at night HAHAHA cause they were thinking about 'Night at the Museum' movie.



Faiz!!! Who took care of me throughout the whole trip hahaha.

Went for dinner after that yay!!!!! And we headed back to our hotel. (Always the best part of the trip hahaha) We surprised Farizwan for his birthday, wanted to surprise at 12am but we ended up surprising him at 10:30pm, the teachers were there too hahaha. After surprising him, we went back to our room and KO-ed!

Woke up early in the morning and we took the bullet train to Beijing. Visited the Gate of Heavenly Peace and we walked all the way till the end. And oh my gosh, the place is superrrrrr big. Hahaha I kept thinking about the "Huan Zhu Ge Ge" show which was super long ago and they were in the palace and all. The tour guide told us that nobody knows where the emperor's room is because he keeps changing HAHAHA.
Ms Joyce just chilling haha.

This is the place where people hang out and play because they can't enter the palace.

Took the trishaw and we went around Hutong street. The place is not very clean and the houses were really very small but I really appreciate the environment that I am living in now because when I look inside their houses, it's really super small... the room can only fit one bed, that's it.
Finally found bing tang hulu in Beijing cause we couldn't find any in Tianjin, Cindy got one and I tried, it wasn't as nice as I thought it would be because after one try, you'll get sick and tired of the taste but it's not that bad hahaha.

And it's finally time for dinner and we had roasted duck, mmmMmmmm it's damn good omfg. The teachers also bought a super huge cake for Farizwan and we sang him birthday song & all. It was a great night hahaha.

Took the bullet train back to Tianjin and took another bus back to our hotel. I didn't sleep on the bus though, surprisingly. Hahaha. It was the second last day in Tianjin and we were all planning to ton & go out to shop but we just stayed in and rested in the end...

Alright. That's all for today! The trip was quite boring, like the places that we go :( but I was super glad that I was with a bunch of caring and fun people. I am so sorry for not updating as often anymore :( Hahaha I'll try to update more. Keyword: TRY HAHAHAHA.