Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Sick :'( | Tianjin Trip Day 5 (Last Day)

Hiiii everybody. Wasn't feeling so well few days back, haha I was down with a fever. So I just laid down on my bed all day err day. I think that the reason why I had a terrible headache is because... I  slept too much hahaha. Thank you to everyone who wished me a "gws" :) Okay anyways, I have a lot to update about so let's just hope that I won't procrastinate. Anyway, here's a proper group photo of the whole group that went to tianjin.

Okay so on the last day, we went to some aircraft theme park. There were no rides there at all :(((( We just looked around inside the ship, watched a few shows and got out to watch another water show. And you know what, you have to buy their cd to take picture with their stunt actor/actresses?!?!?! WTH HAHAHA alright I should just let the pictures do the talking.

Me and cindy was hiding at the back hahaha cause we weren't in the mood for pictures.

The gigantic ass shipppppp!!! or whatever you call that hahahah.

Our lunch was not bad?! YAY HAHAHAH

After our lunch, our tour guide dropped us off at a new place to shop and I was super happy but I didn't shop though. Wanted to buy something from zara for Damien but nothing caught my eye. 
We basically just walked around and went for dinner & went back to our hotel to pack hahaha. THE LAST NIGHT WAS THE BEST CAUSE EVERY ONE OF US HAD A GOOD LAUGH, can't tell you guys what happened here so hehehe...

The next morning.... Hahaha Cindy and I was late, for the first time, well... just me hahaha. Cindy had to wait for me that's why she was late too. So yeah... Hopped on the plane back to Singapore. I was already sweating when we landed in Singapore hahahah.

Hahaha I got assigned to the seat in between Faiz and Azrin. My bodyguards for the whole trip hahahaha.
The middle row was filled with ITE CE students hahaha.

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!!!That's all for the tianjin trip update!!!

So on the 29 & 30 sept, it was my class's chalet, went to Gracia's house to meet her in the morning, went to eat breakfast and we headed to pasir ris to meet Jobie.
The shark teeth arm candy that Gracia got for us from Aussie!! Something creepy happened in the chalet that we were staying in... I don't think that I should say it here but for those who got Terrace 6 at Aloha Loyang Pasir Ris, good luck to you alright. Just be extra careful and don't say the wrong stuff that can offend "things"... 

Didn't really take a lot of pictures though... :( We were all busy being super careful and I guess we weren't in the mood for selfies. But after awhile, our nonsense started. The rest of the girls left cause it was already quite late and it was just me, Jobie and Gracia staying over hahaha. Michael finally came but he left house without the food that he was suppose to bring for us to eat HAHAHAHA BEST SIA. But at least he got mac for us.

Everyone walked to e-hub in the middle of the night. Hahaha settled down at mac and started to arm wrestle...
It was actually just me and Amsyar taking a selfie but guess who photobombed hahahah.

We played with cards and do all sorts of things that could entertain ourselves for the rest of the night. I couldn't take it so I slept for about an hour on the sofa and I was sweating hahaha. Gracia and Syahir told me that I woke up and just stared into space for 3mins before I moved. Thank God I had that 1 hour sleep. The next morning, all of us went for a morning swim and the guys cleaned the place up.

That's all for today everyone. Can't wait to update all of you about everything. Hahaha I need to stop being so lazy!! Can't wait for this fri again hehehe. Good night everybody!! See you on my next post.