Wednesday, July 25, 2012

The Victoria's Secret Angels

Hi y'all! Sorry for not updating for a very very very very very long time, as I am busy with school. Haha I think I only didn't update for 10 days. Okay but never mind!

Joey approached me to help her promote her blogshop as she is going to send in her order by next thursday, so yep, do support her alright? 

Here's the link:

It's not only just contact lenses that she's selling, she is selling tees too, simple ones but are very attractive especially the unicorn, wolf and moustache ones!!! Actually, you can buy the tees and also cut it as what you want to design like. Very easy and yeah, do support her as she is sending in her orders soon!!! Contact her through her facebook, or just text her @83661435 tact for any enquiries. Check out her site for more details, all are stated over there!! :)

The past few days has been a emotional day for me due to many things that has happened to me, not gonna talk about it here...

Just some pictures, I have nothing much to update about and I'm so sorry. :( Someone has suggested me to not post up too many of my camwhores because it might get too boring if all of you keep scrolling down, haha maybe if you all could just give me some suggestion that I could blog about and this blog would be more interesting, you need to understand, as there's school so yeah, my blog is getting more dead, more pictures and lesser words hahaha ok......

STEP SMALL EYES *inserts that laughing emoji*

 fav VS perfume mua hehe. <3

Me in school, I don't know who the hell took this but did was candid as I was listening to my teacher while copying down the workings. OMG

The VS angels <3

My love, Miranda Kerr <3

Bye y'all, I PROMISE, I'll have a proper post VERY soon okay! So sorry!! xoxo