Sunday, July 8, 2012

Life doesn’t hurt until you think about how much things have changed, who you’ve lost along the way, and how much of it was your fault.

Hi y'all! Back with an update again. I really have no idea what to talk about or what so ever so yeah, I'll try to talk about something that can relate to all of you. :)

I need to rant again, just a short rant will do. Skip it if you want to yep. 
These few days have been really fucking tough for me, and I really don't know what's the point of life or what's the point of living in this fucked up society a.k.a the beautiful world. So many things have been on my life, only my close friends know what happened to me and what I've been through lately. I really appreciate them for taking care of me when I was crying my heart out and listening to my rants. Luckily all my close friends are good at advices and I'm seriously very lucky to have them by my side. Though all of us have our ups and downs but I still appreciate our friendship. You know, that feeling, when someone is always ruining your day because of just one word they said? Yeah, and that word is from someone who is important to us. Know that feeling? That's what I'm going through, I mean, one of the things that I'm going through for now.... I hope everything will be okay because I really need to concentrate on my studies. I wanna go to the top of the mountain/wherever that is high enough to let me scream all my worries, sadness, disappointments out. But, that won't help. I need to do something about those things that have been bugging me so that I'll feel better. Erm all of you will be prolly like, "bitch please, you think you're the only one going through this?" BUT NO. I'm telling all of you this because some people out there are going through the same as me as well, not some, but MOST of the people! Nuff said, not gonna let this ruin my post yep. Must smile. :)

With this boy after ncc training, he send me home to tuition. Such a sweet boy I have here. I am really very lucky to have him. All relationships are complicated but we still need to talk everything out and make our relationship a stronger one. Baby I love you xoxo. I really want to thank you for all the memories for the past 1 year and 4 months. Whenever I'm with you, I'm always so comfortable and I can do the silliest/most retarded/the stupid-est thing ever. Shhhh our secret so don't embarrass me here. ;) Every 3rds. <3

My bare face ^_^

My life has changed so much......
Let's just say, 2012 is worse than 2011. This is all bullshit man. The older I grow, the more I learn, the more I experience, the more I get hurt, the more I cry, but I grew stronger. 
I have been cheated, lied to, betrayed, back-stabbed, like almost everything. I'm sure all of you did too. And I spent almost 3/4 of my life crying my heart out and pouring all my feelings out to the people I love but in the end, they don't really give a shit. I mean, who does? I don't even mean a thing so anyone. Nobody cares about me. Nobody does, to be honest. I'm not being all sad here wanting your comments like "Cheer up, don't be sad", I just want to let people know that how much I have changed and how much people have made me so strong and......... to let people know that they're not alone!

And yes, recently, I have blogged about what happened to my father........... a-hem!
I received questions like "Can I know what is the reason why your mom/dad passed away?"
It is kinda rude but make sure you read properly first before you ask me some questions. Words can hurt okay? I clearly state that it's my father who passed away but you said "mom/" too. T_T I can really cry on the spot! But it's okay, I got over it. I just want to let the other people who wants to ask this question to not ask this kind of question!

I also received questions like "Your father passed away ah? Sad lorh, I got a father leh. You jealous?" but I didn't answer this, I deleted!
Like FUCK (sorry to say this), do you have manners? Or that you don't have a mom or dad to teach you how to respect people? You want to hurt people saying all this shit, don't. Say that I'm ugly, short, attention-seeker or whatever, I don't mind. But this? HA, my dear, are you a kid still? I bet you are still a kid because only kid does that as they don't have mature minds (well, not all kids). I have already suffered for 4 years, and you still want to rub it in more? MY, LIKE DO SOMETHING ELSE WHICH ARE MORE PRODUCTIVE MAN. If you want to say that I'm rude, I'm sorry, you were rude to me first so yes, why can't I be rude to you too? 

To the rest of the people who cheered me up and said "God Bless You", I really appreciate it, muacks! :*

Okay, I need to chill!

Haven't been wearing this dress for decades

Have nothing else to really talk about, my life now is like seriously very boring. :(((((( 

If you guys don't know her............ Just fyi....

She's a International Maxim, GQ, FHM and Vogue Model, Monster Energy Spokesmodel and Cover Girl  <3

My new lockscreen saver hehe. <3 I love Carissa Rosario. <3 xoxo

And yeah, mummy bought McSpicy back for me, I was hungry till I was about to die until she saved me hehehe love her so much. :*

Alright, just an short update of rants, again and.... pictures yep. I think my readers are all gone by now because my blog so getting boring now but, I will come out with an interesting update again real soon. Till then! :)