Sunday, July 15, 2012

I get jealous because I care and give a fuck about you. Simple.

Hi y'all. Doing just a short update. Life has been really boring this few days... So, my school finally made some changes to our school and I'm starting to think that it is not that bad after all. Know why? 1) because they got aircon in all the classrooms for only the graduating classes/those students who are going to take their N/O levels. Hehe damn shiok! And... Tomorrow we can all wear ethnic costumes to school because of Racial Harmony Day. According to my seniors who graduated, they never had this kind of events and good stuffs coming out... Kinda sad but they can come back to visit anytime again. :)

My studies have been improving a lot, I guess I've changed my mind and really want to study hard and get good results. My mom will be so proud of me. Even my math tuition teacher was shocked when I was concentrating fully on my work and didn't even talk. To all of you, it's like nothing but to them, it's like the whole world hahaha. I'll cut the crap. I know my blog has been really very boring this few days and all of my readers are decreasing so yeah... There's nothing I could do about it.

2012 to me seems like hell. Not a day has been good to me and it gets worse. People come and go in life, and we'll have to accept it. But it's okay if your "just a friend" left you. I'm sure it's not okay if someone you love the most/your best friend leaves you for no reason.... Nah, let's not talk about this because I'm not going through this kind of things ha!

I have been thinking a lot, like really a lot. And lots of thoughts have been going through my mind and it has been a really big headache. Though I'm ranting here but I can't really say what I really worry about or I am thinking of. I really hate it when some people think they know you so so well then, act as they're a close friend but behind your back, backstabbing you like a bitch. This kind of people should just hang themselves to death.

So many problems that have been annoying me... Relationship, study, family, school, like almost everything, there's a problem and I'm really freaking out and going crazy soon. I know all I do is rant on my blog and all of you are sick and tired of it but yeah...... Sorry and you need to understand how I feel. Not gonna rant anymore...

Will just post some of my pictures that I took recently. Photos are not in order cause I'm using my phone to update now le sigh!! :( and I can't make it larger, so bear with it. I'll update it again when I'm using my laptop!