Thursday, December 1, 2011

I would give away my sweetest memories to you, always.

guys. Since I've nothing else better to do, I must well blog when I have the time right?! So... my dearest boy just took his flight to hongkong at 7am... :'( Woke up, messaged him and tried to called him, but couldn't even reach him. Sadly I can't make it to the airport... But I'll just have to bare for this 6 days and wait for him to be back in Singapore.

I'm gonna dedicate a post to my boy.... So if y'all don't want to read can just scroll down :)
Baby, I think you're already at HongKong shopping and eating or whatever... Remember to take good care of yourself when I'm not around alright? Called you yesterday and you sound like you're super sick. Go lan then never get to sleep lah :(
Drink more PLAIN water uh and eat more, come back must have some fats around your body okay, you're quite skinny..(although you eat alot!). Something happened yesterday and I cried like some motherfucker. Fucking miss you okay, thanks for those sweet messages you sent me last night and this morning. 6 days without you? Can really die, no joke. It's like you going overseas for 6 DAMN YEARS. Just wish you could be by my side now... I promise I'll meet you right after you reach home alright? Or I'll just fetch you from the airport but too shy, because your mum and aunt there hahahaha. But it's okay, you know I'll wait for you. And uh, thanks for the sweet messages before you go off, really made me teared a little and made me not want you to go more... But never mind, they say "Distance is nothing when the love is real". 
Thanks for being such a wonderful and down to earth boyfriend, you really mean the whole world to me ok sillybum. Buy me things ah <3 Hahha just joking, you com back safely can already ^.^ I'm like so no life now without you can. :( No sweet talks with you, no anything. Sad for me and you but MUST HAVE FUN no matter what! Hope you're doing good now, talking to you on Facebook and I was so happy when you talked to me, I was like screaming the hell out of myself. :') Miss you so much.... hope I can just hear your voice now but too bad, you're going off to eat dinner already. Oh well... Enjoy your dinner <3

                                             WAIT FOR IT.......................................

                                        AND SAY HELLO TO............................................

                               Hello December, please be good to me! Your dear friend, November have been a bitch to me for a month.

A new month, hmmmm lotsa plans. Will be meeting my dearest Eliza, and many many more people. But most importantly, Christmas is around the corner and I'm very eggcited about it because I'll be spending it with my loved ones. :)
Up till now, my life's still quite good but some of it are real bitches. Starting of the year... it's really bad because a whole lot of things happened and a whole lot of conflicts and stuffs. But was so happy that I met baby and he saved me from the torturing days and I can kiss goodbye my crying days. I used to be the one crying and constantly being the one that's giving in to all the people around me. But my baby? He always gives in and makes me so happy that I can fly! He's actually the first guy who bothered to write long hand-written notes to me and it's totally sweet (fyi, I'm still keeping it all). He's the only guy that I enjoy spending time with. Although he always loses his temper, but he will maintain and still give in to me awww. He's the only guy that ever made me go crazy about him, and thinking about him. He always treats me like a princess and although he's not really good at it... at least he made an effort and did a really good job to make me happy all the time! What else more could I ask for? He's like my everything, my forever. Muaaaaaaa
Will stop all the lovey dovey stuffs and get on to friends.... Friends? I have met real bitches who get to know me for benefits........ But never mind, I have also friends who stick by my side no matter what and they listen to all my rants, like ALWAYS. ^^ Nothing much to say about friends because they are      a-w-e-s-o-m-e! :)

Although life's been really tough for me..... for this months. But it's all worth it because I've learned a whole lot of things from all of it. I'm counted as one of the luckiest girl that can be happy all day long and have the people I loved to treat me like a princess.  I won't be begging for more because life like this, I'm already more than satisfied.

So I will stop all the craps and talk about the day when Liyi came over my house to hang out with me. <3

So, after awhile we went down to ntuc and buy potato chips and what we need to cook for our lunch....

The rest of the photos are on Facebook so yeap, that's all. Nothing else to say.... but want to thank her coming for making my day like awesome only. Did I mention? We are friends together for 1 year & 4 months. Hahaha she's a awesome friend, always there to be with me and protect me awwwww <3 Love her lah okay!!!! mua :*

Alright, that's all for today maybe I'll wait for baby to come back then I'll have even more to update about. Gonna give him lotsa lotsa dedications on Facebook ^.^ So happy that he's enjoying over at HongKong but I have to bare for just for about 5/6 days more.......... ENDURE VANESSA ENDURE!!!!!!!!!!! 
Bye for now, till next time :)