Sunday, December 18, 2011

Remember, no matter how bad things are at any one moment, no moment lasts. good or bad, time moves on because it has to. And so do you.

Hi everyone. I'm back again to blog, miss blogging so much. From what I re-called, I haven't been ranting this few months, guess life gets better after I got together with baby. And yes, I miss him so so much. :(
So what about life lately? Er... It's getting better and better... Seen the uglier side in people too, wonder why humans can be such bitches behind our back! Let's forget about those backstabbing people and carry on with life. I'm blogging now because people have been asking and telling me that I should update this space, so since I've nothing to do right now... Why not update a little? :)

 Thanks for being such a awesome friend. You've been listening to my rants for like months and you didn't even complain. And also, you say a whole lot of things and advice that made me much better. It's your birthday today and I hope you enjoy your day at USS and your lunch with friends. :) So sorry that I couldn't make it today but I promise I'll make it up to you. Meet up some other day and catch up together ^.^ We have lots of camwhore session to do right? :) Stay pretty, cute and happy at the same time forever. Last long with Gary, you both are super sweet. Alright then, hope my text to you can at least make you happy abit hehe. Love you xoxo 

---- New year's resolutions----
  • Save at least $80 a week (I've got my own reasons)
  • Cut down on using my Social Networks.
  • Study hard and get better results! I promised baby this, so I can't disappoint him!
  • Blog at least 1 time a week, or maybe 1 time a month? Hahaha
  • Get a part time job with Stacey during the holidays! (In need of money!)
  • Not to splurge on stuffs that I don't need, I don't want mummy to waste her money on me!

Hmmm so far this is what I've come up with and what struck-ed into my mind... It was like a 10 minutes decision thing but hope it will happen la. Honestly, I can't wait for 2012 but.... I hate school. School is the only thing that have been bugging me since like forever. But oh well, can't help it. My body clock is screwed so I'm sleeping real early this days. (in case I can't get up for school)

If you guys have been wondering what I'm doing lately, the answer is nothing... Have been staying at home, watching movies on funshion hahaha super no life I swear. Oh and yes, preparing for christmas. Damn excited and wonder what will my relatives and friends will give me on Christmas.  Nothing much to really talk about but I'll try to dig out old memories with friends. Didn't take pictures with baby that much already, maybe because I didn't bring my camera out with me so yeah....

Did I mention!? Am so addicted to "Katy Perry - The One That Got Away". 
There you go, Katy Perry is god damn pretty please!!! Hahahaha bet y'all know this song already la, but never mind I'll still share with you guys :)

I shall update about that day when I went to Wenyie's house and swim... Kinda long already, around June but it's okay, I have nothing else to update about so I'm trying my best to entertain all of you.

Walking to Wenyie's house

Kaiyi already entertaining us at the start haha

Fucking chio right, from her house, the view is awesome. Can see the beach!

Throwing Wenyie's sister down into the pool

Say hi to Jieyi!

The menu that is floating in the pool haha.
For your info, there's a so called bar/restaurant in the middle of the whole damn pool man!

Weiming being thrown down into the pool

We went over to another pool to take pictures. "PEE-ing"

Look at Kaiyi's jiaobin hahahah

Wenyie and laogong 

Ignore my ugly face

Suyi, Jieyi, Joanna, Kaiyi, Jeannie jiejie, Laogong and me

We were talking about what should Liyi give to ahxiang as his birthday present, girl's session!

They say like Senior and Junior. K I very short I know....

Jump jump jump

Girls fighting, the boys suffer hahaha

So I went to the diving pool with Kaiyi then Laogong & nana came after that. Laogong was being all emo and I was like "Omg I can't do anything :(" 

The diving pool, it's 4.1m


After all the long and tiring swimming and running, the girls went to our sauna session :)

This little angmoh girl over there, take a picture with her and she do this face haha, super cute. xo

This female security guard damn fuck up. You know why? She accused us that we eat in the toilet and inside the sauna. So she called the male security guard to come in. YES, MALE SECURITY GUARD MAN.  Then Jeannie went to like scold the female security guard "We never even eat and you accused us for what?" then she say "I saw you taking a plastic bag inside" after that jeannie say "Inside is toy lah please, you have eyes to see?" After the male security guard came in, Jeannie said "Male security guard can come in female toilet meh?" then he find all sorts of rubbish reasons to like help himself. Damn fuck up please....... Zzzz

That's all for now, I spend like 3 hours on this post.... Blogger is taking forever to upload all the pictures. But never mind, hope you enjoy yep. This post kinda delayed but still gonna update this space with a proper post. Hope all of you didn't fall asleep or something hahaha!

And yes, go to google and search "Let it snow" and something like this will happen! (look below)

Cool right? That's all for today. Stay tune, bye!