Saturday, September 13, 2014

Mercy Mercy Me

Hi everyone. I finally have the time to blog, my project have been taking up most of my time and I am so stressed out. Currently watching brooklyn nine nine to make myself feel better. I haven't been feeling so great lately, most of the time I just feel fucked up and that I am not good enough... Whatever, I'm not gonna rant here and bore the hell out of you guys. 
Hahaha so when I was working today, one of my reader approached me(she was with her mom), and I was so happy on the inside because she was so cute & sweet but I was working so I didn't react much... HAHAHA and I look the worst when I am working cause I was still like half awake & super tired??? Hahaha I really love meeting you guys/new people but I tend to get a little shy and awkward hahahha but if you see me just say hi okay!!! Okay I shall just let the pictures do the talking because I am not really in the mood to blog... I'm so sorry :(
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I <3 Taimei

Dinner with the family!!! <3
HAHAHA the kids are so cute!!!

My legs look so short here fml

The cousins finally reunited hahaha we got out of the room and we finally got a chance to talk without all the adults there + the kids were singing let it go & so many other songs... and we just needed some quiet time together, like just the four of us.

That's all for today, I'm sorry that today's post is hella boring... I am just not in the mood :(((( Alright I am going to sleep now and I have work tomorrow!!! *cries* Good night everybody. <3