Monday, September 8, 2014


Hello everyone hahaha so here's a picture of my dinner over at Gracia's mom place the other day, hope this doesn't make you hungry hahaha I can eat this everyday for my dinner and not get sick and tired of it. Anyway, I finally got my laptop back and all the stickers are gone but I am buying new ones so yay. I already can't wait for my September holidays to come but I really dread the beijing trip cause I can confirm that it is gonna be so boring, oh well, I have no choice but to go :(
Anyway, I did the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge and I got tagged by Jeslin hahaha Gracia poured 1 and a half plastic full of ice into the bucket and the water was freezing cold omg... HAHAHA showered with hot water after that but I wasn't feeling so good after that cause I can still feel abit of the numbness and I just wanted to lie on my bed and sleep HAHAHA. I finally had a taste of how people with ALS are going through plus, I bet that what they're feeling is x100 worse than what I was feeling.

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Pizza at work the other day cause my colleague has been promoted hahaha.
Went to meet love for dinner, hehe he came to my workplace to fetch me and I was so happy to see him after a shitty day. Hahaha we talked about how our week went and all the things that happened etc.

PV1401A, hahaha this is my class. Not all are here though :(
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Thank you Danial for buying us donuts!!!

Atiqaaaaaaa <3

My fav bimbos hehehe <3 

Went to Sakae Sushi to eat for our 3 years 6 months celebration, surprisingly, he didn't eat a lot HAHAHAHA.

Went back to Bartley last Thursday with Trex and Cass, we wanted to find joe but she didn't go to school..... But we did talk to our teachers & catch up with the other people who went back to Bartley. 
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Hehehehe this is Effie, I've talked about her in my other post that we once hated each other but look at where we're at now. ;)

Facta Non Verba!!!

After that, we went to nex and I met Gracia there & headed to town. Hehehe loving the new wall at scape! We got tickets for step up and we settled down at smoothie king. Andddd when we were in the movie, Amsyar texted me and asked me where I am watching step up, turns out... Amsyar, Faiz and Afiqah was in the same cinema as us HAHAHA we were both sticking our heads out and raising our hands up to see if we can see each other or not HAHA damn funny lah.

HAHAHAHA #vancia is real you guys!!!! <33333

That's all for today. So sorry for the lack of updates. I promise that I'll try to update more often now. Hahaha good night everyone! <3